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Fees and Charges: Credit/Loan

No. Type of Charges Amount
1 Dun and Bradstreet Trade checking on drawee of large trade bills exceeding RM200,000-00 RM79-00 per unit on reimbursement basis
2 Cheque honoured resulting in Temporary Overdraft (TOD) or Temporary Excess Overdraft (TEOD) or Temporary Excess Cash Line Facility-i (TECLF-i) or Temporary CLF-i (TCLF-I) RM100-00 per cheque honoured (subject to maximum of RM500-00 per day)
3 Wadiah Current Accounts-i - Processing fee for cheque honoured resulting in TECLF-i/TCLF-i or TOD being created
First RM2,000-00 or part thereof: RM20-00
Every subsequent RM1,000-00 or part thereof: RM10-00
4 Reimbursement cost for site inspection of project to support drawdown of bridging loan RM200-00 for each progressive release (applicable for Non-SME/Corporate Bridging Loan Borrower only)
5 Redraw facility under housing loan package RM50-00 for each successful redrawal transaction
6 Specific request for change in credit terms & conditions (except for the request to insure property(ies) charged to the Bank by Non-Panel Insurers and Impaired Loans) RM200-00 per approved request
7 Request for redemption statement for the purpose of partial/full settlement of Housing Loan facilities
RM50-00 per request
8 Request to redeem Title/Lot RM50-00 per title/lot
9 Confirmation of signatories for Government Tender Purpose RM20-00 per request
10 Confirmation/Statement issued to housing loan customers for EPF withdrawal RM20-00 (with effect from 05/08/2009)
11 Specific request for reinstatement of Housing Loans, Fixed Loans or Term Loans which have been paid down RM200-00 for each reinstatement account approved
12 Set up fee for HomeSave Loan Account RM200-00 (one off payment)
13 Monthly maintenance fee for HomeSave Loan Account RM10-00
14 Reimbursement Fee for Security Documents for BAE/Plus BAE/Plus Cash Line Personal Financing-i RM100-00
15 Retrieval of Loans and Securities Documents in Bank's Custody RM10-00 per request plus photostating charges
16 Disbursement Charges for Loans under Contract Financing RM250-00 per loan release
17 CDS handling charge on facilities secured by stocks and shares debited to the account 0.25% p.a. with a minimum charge of RM50-00


Withdrawal fees on facilities secured by stocks and shares 0.05% based on market value subject to a minimum RM5-00 and maximum RM1,000-00 (except for settlement of account)
19 Processing fee on facilities secured by unit trust RM50-00
20 Request for additional loan account statement RM5-00 per page
21 Cancellation Fee RM2,000-00 levied on mortgage loans/ property loans in the event that the approved facilities are cancelled prior to the disbursement of facilities.
22 Processing Fee for loan applications are as follows:
Type Loan/Financing Amount Processing Fee
Loan/Financing for purchase of house and shop house Up to RM30,000-00 RM50-00
>RM30,000-00 to RM100,000-00 RM100-00
Above RM100,000-00 RM200-00
Loan/Financing for purchase of Commercial & Industrial Property (excluding land) Any amount RM200-00
23 Commitment fee of 1% p.a. shall be levied on the undrawn portion of the overdraft/fixed loan limit.


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