Revision of Credit Card Agreement

Please be informed that the Credit Card Agreement has been revised for:

PB Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards
PB Visa/Mastercard Co-Branded Credit Cards

PIBB Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards

The above revision will apply to all new and existing card members effective from 15 July 2017.

- 22 June 2017

New IPO Listing

Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Berhad
Advancecon Holdings Berhad

Click here for more information.

- 19 June 2017

PIN & PAY usage effective 1 July 17


- 14 June 2017


PB MySalary Savings Account

Please be informed that with effect from 1 July 2017, the PB MySalary Savings Account Campaign which offers an additional 1% p.a. Bonus Interest on top of the existing board rates for performing a minimum of three (3) Bill Payments via PBe or PB Engage within a month has been added as a permanent product feature for the PB MySalary Savings Account.

Accordingly, the revised Terms & Conditions Governing Savings Account will be available in the Bank's website by 1 July 2017.

Dimaklumkan bahawa mulai 1 Julai 2017, Kempen Akaun Simpanan PB MySalary (Akaun untuk pengkreditan gaji) yang menawarkan tambahan Faedah Bonus 1% setahun bagi kadar sedia ada dengan membuat minimum tiga (3) Pembayaran Bil melalui PBe atau PB Engage dalam tempoh sebulan, telah dijadikan ciri-ciri produk yang kekal untuk Akaun Simpanan MySalary.

Dengan itu, Terma dan Syarat yang mengawal Akaun Simpanan yang disemak itu boleh didapati melalui laman web Bank pada 1 Julai 2017.

- 8 June 2017

Revised Terms and Conditions - Current A/C

Please be informed on the revised Terms and Conditions Governing Current Account. The revision will be applied to all the existing and new customers regardless of the account opening date, with effect from 26 May 2017.

- 25 May 2017


Dear Valued Customer,


Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

We draw your attention on the above tax laws whereby the extracts of the published announcements from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM)’s official website are set forth below:

Common Reporting Standard (CRS) with effect from 1 July 2017

“Under the CRS rules (gazetted on 23 December 2016), the Bank is required to collect financial account information from non-residents and report to IRBM those information relating to the Reportable Jurisdictions by 30 June annually.”

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Implemented Since 1 July 2014

“On 30 June 2014, Malaysia reached an agreement in substance on a Model 1 Intergovernmental Agreement with the U.S. to implement FATCA whereby it requires Reporting Malaysia-based Financial Institutions (“MYFIs”) to provide the IRBM with the required account information of U.S. persons for information exchange with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.”

Therefore, by virtue of the above announcements, Malaysia is bound by the intergovernmental agreements with the U.S. government for FATCA and with more than 100 participating countries for CRS respectively for the exchange of tax information of reportable accounts.

Hence, one of the prime commitments to the FATCA and CRS tax regimes is to obtain a self- certification not only from a Non-Resident but also a Malaysian for opening of an account.

A self-certification is a certification by the Account Holder that provides the Account Holder’s status and any other information/documentations that may be reasonably requested by the Bank to fulfill its reporting and due diligence obligations such as whether the Account- Holder is a resident for tax purposes in a reportable jurisdiction.

If there is any query regarding your tax residency status, please contact a professional tax adviser as the Bank is unable to provide any tax advice. You may refer to the following official websites for more details:

1. CRS at
2. IRS at fatca
3. IRBM at

Pelanggan Yang Dihargai,


Standard Pelaporan Bersama (CRS) dan Akta Pematuhan Cukai Akaun Asing (FATCA)

Kami menarik perhatian tuan/puan mengenai undang-undang percukaian di atas yang mana petikan pengumuman yang disiarkan daripada laman web Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN) dinyatakan seperti yang di bawah:

Standard Pelaporan Bersama (CRS) mulai 1 Julai 2017

“Di bawah peraturan-peraturan CRS (diwartakan pada 23 Disember 2016), Bank perlu mengumpul maklumat akaun kewangan daripada bukan pemastautin dan melaporkannya kepada LHDN mengenai maklumat yang berkaitan dengan Wilayah Bidang Kuasa Yang Kena Lapor sebelum 30 Jun setiap tahun.”

Akta Pematuhan Cukai Akaun Asing (FATCA) Yang Dilaksanakan Sejak 1 Julai 2014

“Pada 30 Jun 2014, Malaysia mencapai persetujuan pada asasnya mengenai Model 1 Perjanjian Antara Kerajaan dengan A.S. untuk melaksanakan FATCA yang memerlukan Institusi Kewangan Pelapor yang berpusat di Malaysia untuk memberi LHDN maklumat akaun orang A.S. yang diperlukan bagi pertukaran maklumat dengan Perkhidmatan Hasil Dalam Negeri A.S.”

Berikutan pengumuman di atas, Malaysia terikat masing-masing dengan perjanjian antara kerajaan dengan Kerajaan A.S. untuk FATCA dan dengan lebih daripada 100 wilayah yang menyertai CRS bagi pertukaran maklumat cukai untuk akaun kena lapor.

Dengan itu, salah satu daripada komitmen utama kepada aturan cukai FATCA dan CRS ialah untuk mendapatkan pengesahan sendiri bukan sahaja daripada Bukan Pemastautin tetapi juga rakyat Malaysia bagi pembukaan suatu akaun.

Pengesahan sendiri adalah pengesahan oleh Pemegang Akaun yang memberi Pemegang Akaun status dan apa-apa maklumat/dokumentasi lain yang mungkin diminta semunasabahnya oleh Bank bagi memenuhi obligasi pelaporan dan usaha wajarnya, seperti sama ada Pemegang Akaun ialah pemastautin bagi tujuan percukaian dalam Wilayah Bidang Kuasa Yang Kena Lapor.

Sekiranya terdapat apa-apa pertanyaan mengenai status pemastautin cukai tuan/puan, sila hubungi penasihat cukai profesional kerana Bank tidak dapat memberi nasihat percukaian. Tuan/Puan boleh mengunjungi laman web rasmi yang berikut untuk keterangan lanjut:

1. CRS at
2. IRS at fatca
3. IRBM at

- 15 June 2017

PB eGift

Please be informed that with effect from 27 April 2017, the following PB eGift service fees will be imposed to the Sender: 

Sender Recipient Service Fee
PBB/PIBB PBB/PIBB RM0-00 per transaction
PBB/PIBB Other Banks RM0-50 + 6% GST per transaction (Instant Transfer)

Click here for more information.

Sila maklum bahawa mulai 27 April 2017, fi bagi perkhidmatan PB eGift (eHadiah) akan dikenakan kepada Pengirim, seperti yang berikut: 

Pengirim Penerima Fi Perkhidmatan
PBB/PIBB PBB/PIBB RM0-00 setiap urus niaga
PBB/PIBB Bank Lain RM0-50 + 6% GST bagi setiap urus niaga (Pindahan Segera)

Klik sini untuk maklumat lanjut.


- 6 April 2017

Young Achiever SA & PB Bright Star SA

Please be informed that with effect from 1 April 2017, the interest rates for Young Achiever Savings Account and PB Bright Star Savings Account will be revised.

Click here for the latest interest rates

Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa mulai 1 April 2017, kadar faedah untuk Akaun Simpanan Bestari Muda dan Akaun Simpanan PB Bright Star akan diubah.

Klik di sini untuk kadar faedah terkini

- 31 March 2017

PBe Challenge Question

Effective 21 March 2017, any suspicious or high risk transaction detected on your PBe account may require further authentication with the PBe Challenge Question that you have previously enrolled.

This is an added security feature to ensure the transaction performed is genuine and make your online banking even more safer.

For more information, click here.

- 20 March 2017

Revised PBe Terms and Conditions

Please be informed on the revised Terms and Conditions governing PBe. The revision is applicable to all existing and new customers with immediate effect.

- 16 March 2017

Update of Your Personal Data with PBB/PIBB

With enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act and in our concerted efforts to better serve our customers, it is required that the personal data of our customer is to be kept updated at all times.

In this regards, you are required to update the Bank with your personal data if there is any change to your mailing address, phone number, nationality, occupation and any other records that you maintained with the Bank.

You can submit your request at your convenience by using the Data Correction Request (DCR) Form which is available online at or at any branches of Public Bank Berhad/Public Islamic Bank Berhad and return the duly completed Form to the account holding branch for their action.

- 9 March 2017

Notice on External Account

Dear Customers,

In line with Notice 4 of the Foreign Exchange Administration Rules of Malaysia, operation of a ringgit account by a non-resident opened individually or jointly with another resident/non-resident may be subject to the following restrictions on the sources and uses of funds:

  1. Deposit/encashment/withdrawal up to RM10,000 per cheque;
  2. Deposit up to RM10,000 per day through Self Service Terminals;
  3. Transaction(s) up to RM10,000 per account through any other electronic means, including internet banking, mobile banking or any mobile payment; and
  4. Any deposit up to RM10,000 per account per day in cash.

The operation of a ringgit account by a non-resident would be subject to the above restrictions with the exception of the following accounts maintained by:

  1. a non-resident studying or working in Malaysia with a valid working permit;
  2. spouse, children or parents of a non-resident studying or working in Malaysia;
  3. participant of Malaysia: My Second Home Programme; or
  4. a High Commission, Embassy or Consulate.

Non-resident maintaining ringgit account with the Bank is advised to contact the account holding branch should you have any enquiry as to how the above rules affect your account operation.

You may also login to BNM's website at respectively for further information on the above.

Thank You

- 31 January 2017

NUR Alert - Missing Child

We seek your assistance in the search for a missing child:-

No. Laporan Polis: Kota Tinggi RPT 793/17

Nama: Qaseh Qumairah Damia Bte Abdullah

Umur: 7 Tahun

Rambut Hitam, Ukuran Rambut Pendek, Warna Mata Hitam, Warna Kulit Kuning Langsat, Bulu Kening Tebal, Bentuk Mata Sepet, Hidung Kemek, Bibir Mulut Nipis, Gigi Jarang dan Bentuk Badan Berluas.

Tarikh Report: 24/1/2017 @ 1609 hrs.

Lokasi Kejadian: Taman Sri Saujana, Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Maklumat Perhubungan Polis: Insp Fadzalziz Bin Jarpi Di Talian 019-5537611 Atau Hubungi IPD Kota Tinggi Di Talian 07-8831222.


- 27 January 2017

E-Mail / SMS to Beneficiary via PBe

Effective 15 February 2017, you have the option to send a standard e-mail or SMS notification of a fund transfer made to the beneficiary. It is free via e-mail and RM0.21 (GST inclusive) for each SMS sent regardless of the outcome of the fund transfer made.

This feature is applicable for retail and corporate customers.

- 25 January 2017

Revised Terms & Conditions - GIA

Please be informed on the revised Terms and Conditions Governing Gold Investment Account. The revision will be applied to all the existing and new customers regardless of the account opening date, with effect from 1 November 2016.

- 1 November 2016

PBB Customer Wins BMW with JomPAY!

Mr K Skanthadevan, a Public Bank customer for 26 years was recently announced as the grand prize winner of a brand new BMW 118i car in the “Drive Home a BMW with JomPAY Campaign” launched in conjunction with JomPAY’s first anniversary in April 2016.

- 26 October 2016


NUR Alert - Missing Child

We seek your assistance in the search for a missing child:-

No. Laporan Polis: Saratok Repot 001753/16

Nama: Angelisa Anak Manchak

Umur: 11 Tahun

Pakaian terakhir dipakai / fizikal: Baju T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Warna Pink, Seluar Jeans Warna Biru, Rambut Paras Bahu, Rambut Warna Hitam, Warna Kulit Kuning Langsat, Bulu Kening Sederhana, Bentuk Mata Bulat, Bibir Mulit Tebal, Bergigi Kapak, Bentuk Badan Berulas,

Tarikh Report: 22/10/2016 @ 1135 hrs.

Lokasi Kejadian: Rumah Manchak Nanga Beradi Krian 95400 Saratok, Sarawak.

Maklumat Perhubungan Polis: SJN Joseph AK Nuga 014-5932787 Atau Hubungi IPD Saratok Di Talian 083-436102.


No. Laporan Polis: Bukit Puchong Repot 11421/16

Nama: Ali Bin Alias

Umur: 11 Tahun

Pakaian terakhir dipakai / fizikal: Berambut Pendek, Warna Rambut Hitam, Warna Kulit Hitam Manis, Bulu Kening Sederhana, Fesyen Rambut Ketak / Ikal.

Tarikh Report: 20/10/2016 @ 1351 hrs.

Lokasi Kejadian: Rumah Anak Yatim Baitul Nurrawdhah Jalan Bukit Puchong 3/9 Bukit Puchong, Subang Jaya Selangor.

Maklumat Perhubungan Polis: INSP Najah Bte Sunar Di Talian 013-4889122 Atau Hubungi IPD Subang Jaya Di Talian 03-78627222.


- 25 October 2016

PBe Fund Transfer Limit

Please be informed effective 17 October 2016, third party fund transfer exceeding RM10,000 in a single transaction will require the use of a SecureSign token.

Apply for the token FOC at any branch.

For more information, please click here.

- 13 October 2016

Change of TNB Account Number

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)'s Account Number has been changed from 14-digit to 12 digit account number since 20 July 2016.

TNB currently accept bill payment using the 14-digit and 12-digit account number.

- 10 October 2016

PBe Challenge Questions and Answers

Effective 6 October 2016, you will be prompted to register 3 challenge questions with your preferred answers. It will be used to confirm your true identity thus making your online banking even safer. 

Let's fight online fraud together!

Click here for more information.

- 30 September 2016

Conversion of PB Day2Day Cards

Dear customers,

Kindly visit any of our branches to change your PB Day2Day card to PB Visa / MasterCard Lifestyle Debit Card before its expiry date to avoid any disruption to your banking transaction.

Selected branches of the Bank will be extending their opening hours on weekdays and weekends to accommodate the change of your card.

Please contact any of our branches should you require further information on the matter.

Thank you.

- 23 September 2016


NUR Alert - Missing Child

We seek your assistance in the search for a missing child:-

No. Laporan Polis: Alor Setar RPT 21454/16

Nama: Siti Nurmaisarah Bte Rosmadi

Umur: 11 Tahun

Pakaian terakhir dipakai / fizikal: Ketinggian Lebih Kurang 150cm, Berat Lebih Kurang 35kg Hingga 40kg, Berkulit Hitam Manis, Rambut Paras Pinggang Dan Ikal Mayang Serta Rambut Kerinting Di Bahagian Hadapan, Anak Mata Warna Hitam, Baju T-Shirt Warna Pink, Berseluar Jeans Biru Gelap Dan Bertudung Hitam

Tarikh Report: 9/9/2016 @ 1702 hrs.

Lokasi Kejadian: Dalam Rumah Alamat No 505, Taman Mergong Jaya Fasa 1, 06250 Alor Setar, Kedah.

Maklumat Perhubungan Polis: Insp Nurul Fazlina Bte Noor Fazil Di Talian 013-4389325 Atau Hubungi IPD Kota Setar 04-7747222.


- 19 September 2016

Revision of Credit Card Features

Dear Valued Cardmembers,

Kindly be informed that effective 28 September 2016, card features for the following PB/PIBB Credit Cards will be revised as follows :-

  • PB Visa Infinite

0.5% Cash MegaBonus for both local & overseas retail spend with no capping

  • PB MasterCard Platinum

1x VIP Point for all retail purchases

  • PB Visa Platinum
  • Mutual Gold-PB Visa Platinum
  • PIBB Visa Platinum
  • PIBB Platinum MasterCard

0.3% Cash MegaBonus / Hibah Performance Bonus with no capping
  • PB-Petron Visa Gold
-Up to 5% Cash Rebate on purchases at Petron service stations (Capped at RM50 per month)
-0.2% for other retail purchases (besides spending at Petron stations) with no capping
  • PB-AIA Visa Gold
-2% cash rebate for AIA Insurance Premiums (Capped at RM350 per annum)
-0.2% Cash MegaBonus for both local & overseas retail spend with no capping
  • PB Visa Gold
  • PB Gold MasterCard
  • PIBB Visa Gold
  • PIBB Gold MasterCard

0.2% Cash MegaBonus / Hibah Performance Bonus with no capping
  • PB Visa Classic
  • PB MasterCard Standard

- 8 September 2016

NUR Alert - Missing Child

No. Laporan Polis: Kuantan RPT 25111/16

Nama: Muhammad Amirul Hakim Bin Abdullah

Umur: 10 Tahun

Pakaian terakhir dipakai / fizikal: Memakai baju berlengan panjang warna biru.

Tarikh Report: 21/8/2016 @ 2222 hrs.

Lokasi Kejadian: E 285 A Jalan Darat Makbar Kampung Tengah 25100 Kuantan Jalan Darat Makbar Kuantan Pahang

Maklumat Perhubungan Polis: K/SJN Raja Noor Fakhira Bt Raja Ali di talian 019-4141966 atau hubungi IPD Kuantan di talian 09-5132222.


- 24 August 2016

Basic Savings Account

Please be informed of the revision of Basic Savings Account interest rates with effect from 29 July 2016.

Click here for latest interest rates.

- 28 July 2016

Interest Rates Revision - Deposit Products

Please be informed of the revision of interest rates for the following Savings and Current accounts with effect from 28 July 2016:

  • PLUS Savings Account
  • PB SaveLink Account
  • 50 PLUS Savings Account
  • WISE Savings Account
  • PB Bright Star Savings Account
  • Young Achiever Savings Account
  • ACE Account

Click here for latest interest rates.

- 28 July 2016

WISE Savings Account

Please be informed of the revision of WISE Savings Account interest rates with effect from 14 July 2016.

Click here for latest interest rates.

- 14 July 2016

New PBe Login Requirement

As part of our ongoing security measures to improve your online banking experience, we have added a new login requirement for PBe which will come into effect on 18 July 2016.

After having entered your User ID, you will be required to confirm your Personal Login Phrase (PLP) by selecting the 'Yes' or 'No' radio buttons. Only after this, you will be directed to enter your Password.

- 14 July 2016

PBe Foreign Telegraphic Transfer

Effective 11 July 2016, charge the 'Sender' option for Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (TT) via PBe Personal Banking will be discontinued. You are advised to factor in the fees charged by the overseas beneficiary bank in your remittance amount.

- 27 June 2016

Activity Summary Listing

Dear Customers,

Kindly be informed that effective  6 June 2016, we will be incorporating a Activity Summary Listing which will be displayed upon successful logout from PBe.
This log will provide a brief snapshot of your recent financial banking activities for your added convenience and security.

- 3 June 2016