About PB enterprise

About PB enterprise


What is PB enterprise?

PB enterprise is Public Bank’s new corporate online banking platform. It offers a range of enhanced functions and features designed to support your business needs.

Existing PBe Business Banking
New PB enterprise


What’s new?

Better user experience

PB enterprise is a robust platform that provides an enhanced user experience. Among the new enhancements is the dashboard function which provides corporate users an overview of all pending activities and alerts at a glance.

A smarter Account Management

The new Account Management facilitates the company’s cash flow planning by providing a comprehensive view of company account details.

Better customization

With PB enterprise, company may now create their own fund transfer template and share saved favorite accounts among the same user group.

Improved efficiency

Our new bulk approval feature makes the approval process hassle-free by allowing authorizers to approve multiple transactions in one attempt.

Fund Transfer Limit
There is no daily fund transfer limit for PB enterprise. Click here for more information. 

What we offer

Based on the PB enterprise packages subscribed, you may enjoy services such as:

Account Management

Account Management allows customers to view company Current Account, Fixed Deposit, Cards, and Loan/Financing transaction details. Under this module, you can also:

  • Perform Fixed Deposit placement without visiting branches
  • Download current and past 12 months of company account e-statements
  • Track the status of cheques issued
  • Monitor online activity

Corporate Administration

Company may appoint corporate administrators to perform self-monitoring on user activity and self-maintenance on the user management. Corporate administrators can also perform SecureSign token re-synchronisation.

Bulk Payment / Bulk Payroll

Bulk Payment enables customers to make payments to multiple suppliers / vendors while Bulk Payroll allows employers to make salary / bonus / commission pay-outs.

Click here for more information on Bulk Payment / Bulk Payroll.


Fund Transfer

The types of fund transfer you can make are:

  • Intrabank – single and multiple fund transfers to own and other Public Bank accounts
  • Interbank – third party fund transfer that provides single and multiple transactions via interbank GIRO (IBG), DuitNow Transfer and RENTAS
  • Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) – conveniently transfer funds worldwide in a fast and secure manner


With PB enterprise, you may perform the following payments:

  • Online Bill Payment – single or multiple payments of bill (utilities / installment etc.)
  • JomPAY – single or multiple payments to JomPAY billers
  • PB Loan / Financing Payment – single or multiple payments to PB Loan / Financing / Hire Purchase accounts
  • PB Card Payment – single or multiple payments to PB credit card accounts

Statutory Payment

Contributions of statutory payments for employees via PB enterprise include:

  • KWSP
  • LHDN

Important Notice

The Bank will be migrating customers from PBe Business Banking to PB enterprise. The migration process will be done in phases and customers will be notified on the migration schedule in due course. For more information on the PB enterprise migration, click here.