PB enterprise

What is PB enterprise?

PB enterprise is Public Bank’s online corporate banking platform designed specifically for Businesses and Corporates. The facilities provided are online account enquiry, fund transfer, payments and other cash management services.

Am I eligible to apply for PB enterprise?

PB enterprise is offered to Sole Proprietors, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Partnerships, Professional Bodies, Government Bodies, Clubs and Associations as well as Private Limited and Limited Companies. Individuals are not eligible to apply for PB enterprise.

Can the Corporate User access PB enterprise service from overseas?

Yes, you can. PB enterprise is accessible as long as you're connected to the Internet with these following recommended Internet browsers: - 

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Is PB enterprise different from PBe Business Banking?

PB enterprise is a revamped and enhanced platform offering online business banking /cash management facilities to corporate customers.

What are the services provided by PB enterprise?

  • Account Management
  • Fund Transfer
  • Payment
  • Investment
  • Bulk Payment / Bulk Payroll
  • Statutory Payment (EPF / IRB / SOCSO)
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Transaction Approval Management
  • Corporate Administrative Management

*Availability of services is subject to your Organization’s Board Resolution, mandate or Service Agreement with Public Bank Berhad.

What are the fees and charges for PB enterprise?

Click here for more information on the fees and charges for PB enterprise.