Virtual Account

Virtual Account

PB enterprise Virtual Account Service is an integrated Cash Management solution designed to facilitate collections and receivables for your business. This service will enable you to manage and organise all your client’s incoming remittances regardless of the payment type.



Get Started Quickly
Easy to apply and does not require opening another new account.


Enhanced Business Efficiency
Improve business turnaround time for accounts reconciliation, cashflow and working capital.


Organise your Accounts Receivable
Easier and more manageable process for consolidation and tracking payments from clients.


Time Saving
Reduce administrative and manual processes involved with cheque and cash collection.

How does Virtual Accounts Work?

With PB enterprise Virtual Account, you will be provided with a range of virtual account numbers for you to distribute to your clients. Each client will have a unique virtual account number assigned by you.

Clients will use these Virtual Accounts to make payments to you through either physical or electronic payment channels. Upon receiving these payments, the Bank will credit all payments into your selected Public Bank Current Account.

Your client’s virtual account numbers will be shown in your bank statement, allowing you to identify and organise your receivables with ease for reconciliation.


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