How Do I Apply?

How Do I Apply?

PBe Business Banking Registration

Corporate customers (i.e. partnership, Private Limited Companies, Limited Companies, Government/Statutory Bodies) may apply for this service. Kindly visit your Account Holding Branch for further information.

The procedures are as follows:-
  • To register for the PBe services, please go to your Account Holding Branch.
  • Complete an application form duly signed by the company's Board of Directors.
  • Nominate the individuals within your company to access the PBe.
  • Submit the Director's Resolution authorising the application for PBe service.
  • Each of the nominated corporate users and authorisers is required to complete one set of the application form.
  • Upon complete documentation, customer will be given the User IDs and passwords for each of the users to log into PBe by the branch.

All financial transactions via PBe require the use of SecureSign for corporate users. Customer may apply for the SecureSign at the account holding branch.

Important Notice

The Bank will be migrating customers from PBe Business Banking to PB enterprise. The migration process will be done in phases and customers will be notified on the migration schedule in due course. For more information on the PB enterprise migration, click here.