1. What is SecureSign Token?
    • SecureSign Token is a digital signing process to confirm and approve financial transactions performed via PBe. Authentication of the transaction is through the digital signature made by the authorizer.

  2. What is Digital Signing?
    • Digital Signing is a process whereby a transaction performed through PBe is approved by the authorizer(s) based on a SecureSign Code generated by the SecureSign Token. The SecureSign Code generated is unique to that particular token issued to the authorizer and the PIN activated.

  3. Is it secure?
    • SecureSign Token uses Two Factor Authentication technology and digital signature solution to authenticate and secure online banking transactions. The token is secured with PIN and uses advance encryption standards.

  4. How do I subscribe for the service?
    • You may subscribe for the service at any Public Bank branch. 

  5. Is there any service fee?
    SecureSign Token  
    - Device RM50-00 per token* (one time charge)
    - Monthly Support & Maintenance Fee RM20-00 per corporation*
    * Waived effective 1 October 2014

  6. How long does it take for me to receive a SecureSign Token?
    • Generally 7 working days or earlier depending on stock availability.

  7. How do I replace the SecureSign Token in the event that it is damaged or the battery is low?
    • Warranty of the product is 6 months from date of issuance. A replacement can be requested from your account holding branch with the charges waived. Depending on the usage and normal conditions, the battery should be good for 4 years or more.

  8. What precautions should I take to secure the token?
    • Activate your personalized PIN (6 digits) immediately upon receipt of the token. Always keep the PIN secret and the token safe. Do not leave the token unattended or share it with anyone else. For added security, change the PIN on a periodical basis. Try to avoid weak PINs such 123456, 282828, 444444 etc.
    • Without the token, transactions cannot be performed without your knowledge nor authorization.

  9. What if I forgot the SecureSign Token PIN?
    • You have six attempts at the PIN. After which, the token will be blocked with the ‘Unblock Code’ displayed. You have to proceed to your Account Holding Branch personally to have the token unblocked at no cost.

  10. What if my SecureSign Token is damaged or lost, who can I contact for assistance?
    • If your token is spoilt or lost, please report it immediately to PBe Customer Support at 03-2170 8000 or contact the branch to have the token deactivated. A new token can be issued by the branch at no cost.