SOCSO Contribution

SOCSO Contribution

Online SOCSO/PERKESO Contribution Function

Corporate customers can now make their SOCSO contributions through PBe's Online SOCSO Contribution function. Contribution files ("Borang 8A") can now be submitted along with online payments easily and conveniently. Authorisations for SOCSO contributions can be fully controlled by the corporate customer. Using our Multi-Level Authorisation engine, SOCSO contributions and other payments can only be executed by designated staff within the corporate customer's organisation, and up to any stipulated transaction limit. Multiple authorisation requirements are also allowed.
To access the SOCSO Contribution function, all you have to do is:-
  • Open a Current Account with Public Bank. 
  • Apply for PBe's Business Banking. Designate the appropriate staff to execute payments. 
  • Produce the SOCSO contribution data file according to the stipulated format. 
  • Upload the SOCSO contribution data file along with payment instructions. 
SOCSO contribution data files can be generated by the corporate customer's computerised payroll systems. Alternatively, visit PERKESO website to download the 'caruman' application. 
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Excel Payment Template

Corporate users may now perform payments to SOCSO by uploading the new Excel Payment Template. Kindly email to obtain the new Excel Payment Template.
Click here for the user guide.

For further information, please feel free to contact PBe Customer Support at 603-2179 9999 or e-mail us at