LHDN Income Tax and PCB Payment

LHDN Income Tax and PCB Payment

Make your LHDN PCB payments online!

Corporate users can now make LHDN Potongan Cukai Berjadual (PCB) payments via PBe. PCB files can now be submitted electronically through PBe along with online payments.

For a high degree of security, each payment is controlled using our Multi-Level Authorisation engine and SecureSign. Companies can designate specific personnel to execute that transaction and define transaction limits for further control.

To access the LHDN PCB function, all you have to do is:-
  • Open a Current Account with Public Bank.
  • Apply for PBe's Business Banking.
  • Designate the appropriate staff to execute payments, and purchase SecureSign
  • If you are currently submitting PCB file using diskette, you can upload the file directly through PBe
  • However, if you are using the CP 39 form, you are able to generate a PCB file by using an Microsoft Excel application provided from LHDN. Visit the LHDN website to download the application.
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Steps on how to make Corporate Income Tax Payment:
  1. Once you've managed to login, click Payment
  2. Click Other Payment
  3. Click LHDN
  4. Click Income Tax Payment
  5. At Corporation Code select Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri and click Next
  6. Enter Tax Reference Number (11 digit - Ignore the SG or OG)
  7. Enter No. Syarikat click Next
  8. Select Payment Code (e.g. 095 - Bayaran Cukai Pendapatan (tidak termasuk skim ansuran) (Lump sum payment) and click Next
  9. Select Your Account Number
  10. Enter Your Assessment Year (e.g. enter 2013 should you declared for the current year)
  11. Enter Your No. Bil Ansuran (Instalment No.)
  12. Enter Amount to be paid and click Next
  13. Enter Description
  14. Select Authorization Group Details and Click Next
  15. Verify details entered and click Confirm
  16. Click Transaction Status
  17. Click Transaction Approval 
  18. Click Approve/Reject Transaction
  19. Click Creation Date of the Transaction
  20. Click Approve Ratio button and click Next
  21. For SecureSign user, generate and enter SecureSign Code
  22. To print the Reference Page, click Print

Excel Payment Template

Corporate users may now perform payments to PCB by uploading the new Excel Payment Template. Kindly email customersupport@publicbank.com.my to obtain the new Excel Payment Template.
Click here for the user guide.

For further information, please feel free to contact PBe Customer Support at 603-2170 8000 or e-mail us at customersupport@publicbank.com.my.