Project Financing

Project Financing

For viable projects, Public Bank can either undertake to provide all the necessary funding, or arrange to provide it jointly with other financial institutions.
  • Bridging Loan

An advance given to a property project developer to 'bridge' his working capital needs and ensure smooth continuation of the project until he has sold the units and received payments from the purchasers.
  • End Financing

An arrangement with a project developer to provide loans to property purchasers to help them finance the purchase price of the property. Proceeds (up to 90% of the purchase price) from the end financing will be used to settle the bridging loan.
  • Syndicated Loan

A single loan jointly financed by a consortium of financial institutions to provide financing for large projects.
  • Banker's Guarantee

An undertaking by the bank to guarantee payment of a debt or performance obligation by the applicant. This allows you to undertake projects with minimal capital outlay.