Vehicle Financing

Vehicle Financing

Whether you're looking to purchase an addition to your fleet of workhorse vehicles, or a new company car that truly reflects your organisation's stature, Public Bank offers attractive vehicle financing packages to make owning a new company vehicle easy and fast.

Hire Purchase

Whether you are pining after a chic speedster for yourself or looking for a lorry to make deliveries, we have just the right vehicle financing package for you.

Your mobility is our priority. Therefore, we've put our Hire Purchase plan together to allow you to drive off comfortably knowing that you:
  • will save more, thanks to our competitive rates.
  • can afford to stretch your ringgit by paying low deposit
  • can enjoy a flexible repayment period of up to 9 years
  • can enjoy the convenience of paying your instalments through our multi delivery channels or at any of the branches of our extensive network.
  • will enjoy an attractive margin of finance

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