Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) Rules

Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) Rules


Malaysia continues to maintain a liberal foreign exchange policy which is part of broad prudential toolkits to maintain monetary and financial stability.

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is committed in ensuring the foreign exchange policy continues to support the competitiveness of the economy through facilitation of a more conducive environment for cross-border economic activities.

As part of the initiative above, BNM had recently launched a new section in their website on everything-you-want-to-know concerning the Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) Rules that is structured according to:

  1. residency (resident, non-resident); and followed by.
  2. purpose (investing, borrowing, hedging, etc.).

For each category according to purpose, a brief description of the FEA Rule and the links to the Frequently Asked Questions, Notices, list of document required and online application forms (to apply for BNM's approval for non-permitted transactions) are made available.


  1. The to-go place for all information on FEA rules. The website should be the default reference point when you need to do cross-border transactions; and
  2. A platform for open discussion on FEA rules. By putting all the rules in one place, feedback from external sources will help to improve FEA rules over time to ensure its relevancy and consistency.

Access to FEA Website

  1. Key-in the URL address as;
  2. User will be directed to BNM's website homepage; and
  3. At the BNM's website homepage, at the top left corner of the webpage, select 'Foreign Exchange Policy' under the 'Key Roles - What We Do' drop down list.