Notice on Best Practices for Merchants

Notice on Best Practices for Merchants

  1. Positioning on the Point of Sales (POS) Terminals
    The implementation of PIN & PAY for all domestic credit, debit and prepaid cards on 1 January 2017 has brought about a significant change in the card acceptance.

    The domestic cards require cardholder to enter their PIN to facilitate the completion of transactions.

    As merchants, it is important that the completion of a ‘PIN’ entered transaction by the cardholder is performed in a ‘PIN’ friendly environment.

    Kindly ensure that the cables are of sufficient length to allow cardholders to reach the POS terminals to key in the PIN correctly and the POS terminals are positioned to enable cardholders sufficient privacy when completing a ‘PIN’ based transaction.
  2. Minimum Amount / Additional Fee (Surcharge)
    Merchants shall not place a condition where a minimum amount is required before allowing a card to be accepted. Merchants are also to accept all card transactions without any additional fee when presented.

    Setting a minimum limit requirement and imposition of any additional fee on a card transaction is strictly prohibited and is against the card brands rule.
  3. Prohibition on “Double Swiping”
    “Double Swiping” is an action performed by a merchant where a second swipe of the payment card is performed at the POS cash register after authorization has been obtained using the card terminal provided by the Bank.

    All merchants are required to comply to the standards set by the payment card brands that “Double Swiping” is not allowed to be performed on cash register that are not using a PCI – DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standards) compliance software.

Should further information on the above is required, please do not hesitate to contact the Merchant Sales Executive (MSE) servicing your account or call our Merchant HelpDesk at 03-21768080.