PB SecureSign

PB SecureSign


What is
PB SecureSign?

PB SecureSign is an easy and secured way to authenticate transactions by using biometric recognition or 6-digit SecurePIN.

This feature will bind your device with your PBe User ID for enhanced security. Only one of your registered device can be activated with PB SecureSign.


Step 1 – Register PB SecureSign via PB engage MY


Step 1
Login to your PB engage MY mobile app. You will be prompted to register PB SecureSign


Step 2
Set up your new 6-digit SecurePIN


Step 3
Set up biometric recognition for quicker and safer authentication


Step 4
Your PB SecureSign application has been submitted. To continue please proceed for activation.

Step 2 – Activate PB SecureSign

Option 1 – Activate PB SecureSign via Public Bank ATM / CRM

Option 2 – Activate PB SecureSign via Branches

Simply fill out the appropriate form below and submit it with the relevant documents to your account holding branch.

Application form for individual/ Joint/ Sole Proprietor

Option 3 – Contact our Customer Support to Activate PB SecureSign

Please contact our customer support by sending an email to customersupport@publicbank.com.my to activate your PB SecureSign.

Note: In order to further safeguard your online banking, PB SecureSign can only be used to approve transactions 12 hours after activation.


Tutorial Videos

How to Register for PB SecureSign via PB engage MY

How to Activate your PB SecureSign

PB SecureSign FAQ

Why does PB SecureSign need to be activated?

This is to ensure your account is protected and is only verified by you when you perform the PB SecureSign activation process.

How do I switch PB SecureSign to another registered device?

You can switch your PB SecureSign to another registered device via the following steps:

  1. Login to PB engage MY with another registered device.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap on “PB SecureSign”
  4. You will be prompted that re-activation on this device will deregister your PB SecureSign from the old device.
  5. Click “Yes” to proceed.
  6. Your PB SecureSign is now pending activation for your new device. Please activate via ATM, branch or email to customersupport@publicbank.com.my.

I did not receive any Push Notification on my device to approve my transactions.

Please ensure your Push Notification is turned on for PB engage MY at your device settings.

I tapped on the Push Notification but the transaction approval page was not displayed.

Please close and re-launch your PB engage MY app.

I approved a PBe transaction with PB SecureSign. The transaction is displayed as 'Success' on my PB engage MY app but my account was not debited.

Please do not close the PBe transaction page until the Reference Number page is displayed to ensure the transaction is fully processed.

What is SecurePAC?

PB SecureSign (SecurePAC) is an authentication method available on PBe and PB engage’s other registered device(s). It is a 6-digit code that can be retrieved from PB engage through clicking “PB SecureSign” from the app’s pre-login side menu. SecurePAC allows transaction approval of higher limit.

I entered the SecurePAC but received an error stating that the SecurePAC is invalid.

The SecurePAC is only valid for 60 seconds. Please enter the SecurePAC before the timer on PB engage MY runs out.

How do I identify which device is PB SecureSign activated on?

You can check by going to Settings > Device Management for the list of devices. Your device with PB SecureSign activated will be displayed with these symbols icons-(1).png.



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