DuitNow Transfer

DuitNow Transfer

A New Way to Pay

Pay instantly to any mobile number via PBe and PB engage

Introducing DuitNow Transfer, a brand new fund transfer service available on PBe and PB engage. With DuitNow Transfer, you can send money directly to any DuitNow ID. Transferring money has never been easier!

Receiving funds via DuitNow Transfer is easy too. A one-time registration is needed to register your mobile number as your DuitNow ID. Once that’s done, you can start receiving money from your friends and family.



Available 24/7


Money will be transferred instantly


Easy to remember identifier number (DuitNow ID)


Free to all Public Bank customers

You can enjoy better convenience by linking your bank account to the following identifiers as your DuitNow ID. Once registered, payers can send funds directly to your registered DuitNow ID.

You can register the following identifiers as your DuitNow ID:
  • Mobile Number
  • NRIC
  • Army or Police ID
  • Passport Number
  • Business Registration Number

DuitNow Transfer Tutorials

How to Register for DuitNow ID

How to Deregister DuitNow ID & Update DuitNow ID Status

How to Transfer Funds with DuitNow Transfer

How to Modify your Receiving Bank Account

Switch DuitNow ID from Other Bank to Public Bank

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