Services Available

Services Available

To Public Bank’s Accounts (Intrabank)
Transfer funds to Public Bank accounts immediately.
Cash Advance
Get Cash Advance from your Credit Card via Fund Transfer to Own Account. Terms & Conditions apply.

To Other Bank’s Account (Interbank)

InterBank GIRO (IBG)
Transfer funds to 35 participating banks at only 10 sen per transaction.

DuitNow Transfer
Transfer funds immediately to other bank’s account.

Same day clearance if you transfer funds via RENTAS on business days.
Local Remittance
Order a Banker’s Cheque and collect it at your preferred branch within 2 working days.
Foreign Remittance
Remit funds internationally via Foreign Telegraphic Transfer or Western Union®.
eIPO / eRights Application
Apply for eIPO and eRights online.
Gold Trading
Buy and sell gold online at a discounted price.
Online Share Trading