Services Available

Services Available

Fund Transfer To Public Bank Accounts (Intrabank)
Transfer funds to Public Bank accounts immediately.

Fund Transfer To Other Bank Accounts (Interbank)

i) InterBank GIRO (IBG)
Transfer funds to IBG participating banks free of charge via PBe. 
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ii) DuitNow Transfer (Transfer to Account Number)
Transfer funds instanty to other bank’s account.

iii) DuitNow Transfer (Transfer to Proxy)
Transfer funds directly to any DuitNow ID (Mobile Number, NRIC, Passport Number, Business Registration Number, Army/Police ID).
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    Same day clearance if you transfer funds via RENTAS on business days.
    i) Foreign Remittance
       ‚ÄčRemit funds internationally via Foreign Telegraphic Transfer
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   ii) PB Visa Direct
       Send money directly to any eligible Visa card
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   iii) Western Union
        Send money to anywhere in the world and Receive money at all Public Bank branches in Malaysia.
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