Non-Digital/Manual Request OPT-IN for Unemployed Individual(s) (B40/M40/T20) (Self-declaration with no documentary evidences required)

For individual customer(s) who have lost their jobs in 2020/2021 and currently unemployed.


Repayment/Payment Arrangement with effect from the following month



3 months deferment repayment/payment (zero instalment)


6-month 50% reduction of existing monthly instalment/interest/profit/rental


  1. Customers who are undischarged Bankrupt or with loan/financing in arrears 90 days and above are not eligible to request OPT-IN.
  2. For joint individuals, all must be currently unemployed in 2021
  3. Self-declared unemployed status.

Standard Turnaround Time

Within 5 Calendar Days upon receipt non-digital Request OPT-IN form from unemployed customer(s) based on their self-declaration.

  1. Non-Digital/Manual Request OPT-IN for Unemployed Individual(s)

    Please print and complete the opt-in confirmation form relevant to you and submit to any PBB/PIBB Branches/Credit Control Centres for approval.

    Unemployed Single Individual - Manual Request OPT-IN Form.pdf

    Unemployed Joint Individuals - Manual Request OPT-IN Form.pdf

  2. FAQs on Unemployed