Retail Loans/Financing (Exclude HP) Repayment/Payment Assistance under PEMULIH (ETRA) w.e.f 7 July 2021

Validity Period
Opt-In selection submission wef 7 July 2021.


PEMULIH ETRA Options (The Choice is Yours)


Repayment/Payment Arrangement wef the following month

Treatment of interest/profit during the 6 months repayment/payment assistance period (Option 1 & 2)



6 months deferment of instalment/interest/profit/rental repayment/payment

Conventional Loan: Interest will continue to accrue at monthly/daily rest with simple interest (non-compounding interest) at prevailing rate during the new ETRA 6 months repayment assistance period.

Islamic Financing: Profit/rental will continue to accrue on non-compounding basis at prevailing rate in accordance to Shariah Principle.


6-month 50% reduction of existing monthly instalment

Note: For loan/financing under progressive release with servicing of monthly interest/profit/rental requirement, customers may Opt-In for PEMULIH ETRA Option 1 (only).

Applicable to Option 1 and Option 2

  1. Loan/financing tenure will be extended for 6 months (Option 1) and 3 months (Option 2).
  2. All instalment in arrears (up to 3 months) (if applicable) shall be zerorised and continue to form part of the loan/financing outstanding amount.
  3. The repayment assistance selected will not appear in CCRIS.

Standard Turnaround Time

Type of Account

Standard Turnaround Time

Digital Opt-In

Non-Digital Opt -In


24 hours

5 calendar days


14 calendar days

Watch this Video to understand steps taken to complete PEMULIH ETRA Request OPT-IN selection form

Non-Digital/Manual Opt-In selection for PEMULIH ETRA for Individual(s) and SMEs

Please print and complete the relevant manual opt-in selection form below and submit or email to any PBB/PIBB Branches/Credit Control Centres for approval (no documents are required to prove eligibility).

Individual(s) – Manual Form.PDF

SME (Non-Trade Bills) - Manual Form.pdf

SME (Trade Bills) - Manual Form.pdf

SME (SRF 2020) - Manual Form.pdf

For property under construction:

Progressive release loan/financing with servicing of monthly interest/profit/rental requirement:

Progressive Release Individual(s) – Manual Form.PDF

Progressive Release SME (Non-Trade Bills) - Manual Form.pdf