Is Quick Balance supported on my device?

Quick Balance is only supported on mobile devices that come with a fingerprint scanner, and runs on iOS 9 and above or Android 6.0 and above.

Does Quick Balance support Face ID?

No, Face ID is not supported.

How do I register for Quick Balance?

Please follow these steps below:-
  1. Login to PB engage
  2. On Quick Balance setup, select 'Yes'
  3. Acknowledge the Fingerprint Disclosure by selecting 'Proceed'
  4. Enter your IC/Passport Number, Device Name and select 'Next' to proceed
  5. Select 'Request PAC'
  6. Enter the PAC number and select 'Confirm'
  7. Scan your fingerprint to complete the registration

How do I login with Quick Balance?

Once you have successfully registered for Quick Balance, tap on 'Quick Balance' icon the next time you launch PB engage. Touch the fingerprint sensor on your device to proceed. 

Can others view my account balance if their fingerprints are registered on my device?

Once your device is registered to Quick Balance, your account can be accessed with the fingerprint registered on your device. Please delete all third party fingerprints registered on your device. 

How many devices can I register to Quick Balance?

You can register up to a maximum of three (3) devices per user. 

What happens if my device is lost or stolen?

Please deactivate Quick Balance for the lost or stolen device as soon as possible.

How do I deactivate Quick Balance?

Please follow these steps below:
  1. Login to PB engage
  2. Go to 'Settings'
  3. Select 'Quick Balance Devices'
  4. Select the device you wish to deactivate 
  5. Select 'Confirm' to complete the deactivation

What happens if I failed to log in with my fingerprint too many times?

Quick Balance will be disabled after five(5) failed attempts. However, you can still log in to your account with your User ID and Password. Quick Balance will be automatically enabled on your next login. 

How many users can register for Quick Balance on the same device?

You can only register ONE user per device. 

What is Quick Balance?

Quick Balance is a new PB engage feature that allows you to view your account balances by logging in using your fingerprint.