What is PAC?

PAC is system generated six digit authentication code. Each PAC is unique and acts as an additional layer of security to protect your banking accounts.
Always treat each PAC with care. Do not share or key in your PAC number without checking these details first!

  1. Payee’s name
  2. Transaction amount
  3. Serial number
  4. PAC number
  5. Date
  6. Time
Remember: The PAC number is never required at PBe’s login page.

When is PAC required?

You will receive a PAC via SMS when you are performing an online transaction. This only happens after you have successfully logged in to PBe or PB engage.

PAC is required for the following transactions:

  1. Fund transfer to other PBB accounts
  2. Interbank GIRO (IBG)/Instant Transfer/RENTAS
  3. Bill Payment
  4. Investment
  5. eFD placement and withdrawal
  6. Prepaid top-up
  7. Direct debit/ payment agent
  8. FPX
  9. Foreign remittance
  10. Fund transfer to own accounts for daily aggregate more than RM5,000.00
  11. Western Union transfers

PAC is required for the following non-financial functions:
  1. Managing favourite accounts
  2. Managing profile

How do I obtain a PAC?

Once you have successfully registered your mobile phone number, a “Request PAC Now” option will be available to you whenever you are making the above transactions.
Click on “Request PAC Now” and a 6-digit authentication code will transmitted to your mobile phone via SMS.
* Take Note: Customers who are overseas and wish to obtain a PAC must possess a Malaysia mobile service number and an access to international call roaming service.

How do I register my mobile phone number?

Kindly visit any of our Public Bank branches to register your mobile phone number.
*Take Note: Should there be a change in your mobile phone number, kindly update your registered mobile phone number at any Public Bank Branch.

Can I use the same PAC for multiple transactions?

No. A new PAC is required for every transaction.

How does PAC work?

  1. Select the transaction you wish to make
  2. At confirmation page, click on “Request PAC Now”
  3. Once you have received your SMS, enter the 6-digit authentication number. Ensure the serial number shown on screen matches the serial number in your SMS.
  4. Upon checking the serial number, enter the PAC number shown in your SMS into the transaction screen.
  5. Click "Confirm" to confirm your transaction.