What is PB eGift?

PB eGift allows PBe customers to make fund transfers to others simply by entering the recipient’s mobile phone numbers. The Recipient just needs to have a Malaysian registered mobile number and collect funds either at PBe secure site or info site and the funds will be credited into a banking account.

Where can I find PB eGift?

The service is available for both PBe Internet Banking and PB engage.

Do I have to register before making transfer with PB eGift?

No registration is required. However, you must have a PBe internet banking account to send PB eGift. For more info regarding registration, please click here.

How do I transfer with PB eGift and who can use this service?

Just follow these simple steps to send a PB eGift:-
Via PBe Internet Banking
  1. Log on to PBe
  2. Select ‘Fund Transfer’
  3. Select ‘PB eGift’
  4. Select send ‘To Favourite’ or ‘To Open’
  5. Read the Terms & Conditions, and click ‘Accept’
  6. Enter the details (From account, recipient mobile number and amount)
  7. Click on ‘Add recipient’
  8. Write your personal message and choose your eGift design packet
  9. Click on ‘Confirm’ to complete the transaction
Via PB engage
  1. Log on to PB engage
  2. Select ‘Send PB eGift’
  3. Select your occasion and your eGift design packet
  4. Select your account
  5. Write your personal message
  6. You can now add recipients from your phone contacts, saved favourites or enter the details manually
  7. Enter the amount to send and tap ‘Next’
  8. Confirm the details, and tap ‘Send’ to complete the transaction
 Note: Upon successful transaction, a 6-digit Security Code will be sent to Sender via SMS.
Currently, the ability to send PB eGift is available for PBe customers only. Non-PBe customers are able to receive PB eGifts only.

Is there any service fee for using PB eGift?

There are no charges for sending or receiving PB eGift. 

What is Security Code and what is it used for?

The Security Code refers to the 6-digit numeric code that the Sender will receive via SMS upon completion of the PB eGift transaction.

The Sender is required to communicate this code directly to the intended recipient as an added security measure to ensure that only the intended recipient is able to receive the PB eGift. This code is required by the recipient to receive the fund.

Where can the recipient receive the PB eGift?

If the recipient is a PBe user, he or she can perform the receiving of PB eGift at PBe secure site and for non-PBe user, he or she can perform the receiving of PB eGift at PBe’s main info site. For the recipient to receive the funds, recipient needs to obtain the Security Code from the Sender. Recipient must enter the following information at the designated page;
  • Security code
  • Mobile number
  • Preferred account number

What is the validity duration of the Security Code?

The Security Code is valid for 24 hours from the date and time the Sender completes the PB eGift transaction.

What if the SMS carrying the Security Code is delayed?

The recipient is given sufficient time up to 24 hours to collect the funds. In addition, the Bank will use any and all reasonable measures to ensure that the SMS is sent directly to the Sender as soon as possible. Nevertheless the Bank shall not be liable for any delay in sending the SMS due to Telco service congestion or interruption.

Is there a transaction limit PB eGift?

Yes. The transaction limit for PB eGift will be capped at RM300.00 per day. As an added security measure, sender can only send funds via PB eGift a maximum of two transactions to the same mobile number per day.

What if the recipient’s mobile number was wrongly entered?

Do NOT disclose the Security code to the unintended recipient. Without the Sender’s Security Code, the collection of funds cannot be effected.

What happens if recipient entered an incorrect account number when receiving PB eGift?

Please ensure that the account number is correct before confirming the collection transaction. The Bank is not responsible for any loss due to incorrect information entered when receiving PB eGift.

How many attempts can the recipient enter the Security Code?

The Security Code can only be entered a maximum of three (3) attempts.

What happens if the wrong security code was entered for the maximum number of attempts?

The PB eGift transaction(s) tagged to the same mobile number will be automatically cancelled. Kindly request the Sender to initiate the transaction again.