Can companies use PBe online banking?

PBe is designed for retail customers, sole proprietors and corporate customers. Corporate customers usually consist of companies such as Sdn Bhd, Bhd and Partnerships.

How do I access my company accounts?

Upon login, you will reach the Welcome Page. Click on the blue box on top of the page labeled "Personal" to reveal a drop-down button. Click on "Business" to enter Business Banking.
Next, click on your company name to access your company accounts.

How do I apply PBe online banking for my company?

You may apply at your company account holding branch by submitting the application form, Board of Directors Resolution for the company's account and the Partnership Agreement for the Partnership account.

What are the minimum requirements for corporate PBe Online Banking?

Requirements for corporate PBe Business Banking are the same as PBe Personal Banking. Even so, corporate accounts require an SecureSign to perform financial transactions.