Do I need to enable cookies in my browser when using PBe?

Generally, we recommend customers to enable first party cookies. 
Enabling cookies in Internet Explorer 7: 
  1. Select "Tools" (located at the top of your browser’s window)
  2. Select "Internet Options"
  3. Choose "Privacy"
  4. Click "Advanced" under ‘Settings’ section
- Tick the checkbox “Override automatic cookie handling”
- Ensure the checkbox “Accept” under “First-party Cookies” is ticked
- Ensure the checkbox “Block” under “Third-party Cookies” is ticked
- Tick the checkbox “Always allow session cookies”
  1. Click "OK" (located at the bottom of ‘Advanced Privacy Settings’ window)
  2. Click "OK" (located at the bottom of ‘Internet Options’ page)
Enabling cookies on an Ipad and Iphone
  1. Tap on “Settings”
  2. Scroll down and select “Safari”
  3. Under the Accept Cookies option, choose “From Visited” or “Always” 
  4. Restart your Ipad / Iphone

I have placed PBe login page into my bookmarks / favourites folder. Right now, I’m facing problems logging in through the bookmarked webpage. What should I do?

To avoid login issues, we recommend customers to only bookmark our homepage:www.pbebank.com.

What is the best browser in accessing PBe?

We recommend customers to use the following browsers. Please also ensure the browsers are updated to minimum supported version for an optimised user experience. 
  • Google Chrome: Version 30 or higher
  • Internet Explorer: Version 11
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 27 or higher
  • Opera: Version 17 or higher
  • Safari: Version 7 or higher

Click here for more information and where to download the browsers.