1 Malaysia Micro Protection Plan

1 Malaysia Micro Protection Plan

Going about in our everyday life will put us at risk with death, disability and hospitalization. These are unpredictable events which we cannot avoid. Are we prepared for these unexpected and unfortunate events in life?

That's why 1MMPP protects you should any unfavorable events happen, such as an untimely death, disability or hospitalization, you can be sure that you and your loved ones are financially taken care of.

1MMPP is initiated by Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) for Malaysians. This plan is a yearly renewal plan specially tailored to provide you with a basic protection plan against Death, Total and Permanent Disability as well as Hospital Income.

  1. Affordable premiums, from as low as RM10 per month
  2. Simple and easy to understand with a basic protection plan against Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Hospital Income
  3. Hassle-free enrollment with simple health declarations
  4. Convenient Premium Payment via auto debit from your Public Bank's account
  5. 24 hours, worldwide coverage for Death and Total and Permanent Disability
Attained Age (next birthday) Monthly Premium (RM)
Male Female
Age 18 - 20 12 10
Age 21 - 26 13 10
Age 27 - 28 12 10
Age 29 - 36 12 11
Age 37 12 12
Age 38 - 39 13 12
Age 40 - 41 14 12
* the premium figures here are not exhaustive, please refer to the product Brochure for a complete list.
Note: Premium rates are not guaranteed and increase with attained age
Benefit Sum Assured (RM)
Death Benefit (All Causes)1 20,000
Total and Permanent Disability Benefit1
(All Causes) (Accelerated to the Death Benefit)
Daily Hospital Income Benefit2
(Subject to a minimum stay of two (2) nights in any one event and maximum of RM400 payable within any one (1) policy year)
1Payment of the death benefit (less any indebtedness) shall be payable to the Nominee. Payment of total and permanent disability (less any indebtedness) shall be payable to you
2Admission to hospitals in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei only.
Entry Age (Next Birthday) Minimum Age
  • Insured accountholder = 18 years old

Maximum Age
  • Insured accountholder = 60 years old
  • Renewable up to age 65
Termination On the policy anniversary immediately after 65th birthday of the Life Insured.

Examples of the events not covered by the 1MMPP include:

  1. For Death: suicide within one (1) year from effective date or date of reinstatement or involved in any unlawful acts.
  1. For Total and Permanent Disability: suicide, engaged in hunting, mountaineering, aviation, naval, military or aeronautical service, or racing of any kind, war, riot, rebellions, terrorism related activity, chemical warfare/activities, under the influence of alcohol, un-prescribed narcotic, or pre-existing conditions.
  1. For Daily Hospital Income: suicide, diseases resulting from AIDS, injuries caused by willful misuse of drugs, involved in any hazardous activities, engaged in military service, pregnancy related complication, pre-existing Illness, due to plastic surgery or any form of dental care or surgery or due to any general check-up.
  1. And other standard exclusions.
The description, benefits, exclusions, terms and conditions described above have been summarized and are not exhaustive. Details of more complete terms, conditions and exclusions are available in the Certificate of Insurance.

Autodebit through Public Bank's savings account

For premium payment via autodebit, there will not be any prior notice to be sent to the insured accountholders. No official receipt will be issued for payment via autodebit payment. The premium deduction shown in your savings passbook is considered as proof of payment.

** This product is specially brought to Public Bank's customers via its insurance program with AIA Bhd. and is sold through Public Bank counters.

To find out more, call us now at toll free number 1-800-22-9999 or visit any of our branches for more information!

This plan is underwritten by AIA Bhd. licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Contact Details: AIA Bhd. (790895-D) Menara AIA, 99 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, P.O. Box 10846, 50927 Kuala Lumpur

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