PB Signature Legacy

PB Signature Legacy

(This is an insurance product)


Your legacy, your precious gift for your loved ones

PB Signature Legacy is a single premium investment-linked insurance plan that covers Death. It is suitable for those who are planning for legacy. This product enables you to maximise the legacy you leave behind for your loved ones. It also allows you to enjoy potential upside from AIA's local and foreign investment funds exposure. This product is only available for policy owner which is Red Carpet Banking ("RCB") customers.

How Does PB Signature Legacy Work?

  1. Single Premium Payment with Entry Age up to 80 years old and Coverage up to 100 years old
    Pays one-time1 premium starting from RM200,000 with entry age from 45 years old to 80 years old and covers you up to 100 years old2.


  1. Token of Appreciation for Staying with Us with Wealth Bonus
    • At the end of Policy Year 10 and 15, Wealth Bonus i.e. 2.50% of the single premium paid at the point of policy inception will be rewarded. Wealth Bonus will be used to purchase units from the fund(s) based on the latest selection in the policy with 100% allocation rate. Units purchased will be credited to your account value
    • Wealth Bonus will be paid provided that no withdrawals are made for Policy Year 1 to 10 for the first payment of Wealth Bonus, and Policy Year 11 to 15 for the second payment of Wealth Bonus from your account.
  1. High Protection on the Future of You and Your Loved Ones
    Life is full of possibilities, but it can also be unpredictable. Ensuring you and your loved ones' financial future is secured should any misfortunate strike is important.
  • Death Benefit
    In the event of you passed away, the Sum Assured* or account value, whichever higher will be payable.

    *The Sum Assured payable depends on the entry age as shown below, plus any top-up premiums, and less any withdrawals of account value.

  • Maturity Benefit
    To celebrate your survival to the maturity of your policy, 100% of the account value less any indebtedness will be payable upon maturity.
  1. Option to Enroll Without Medical Check Up
    Healthy customers will be given the option to enroll in the product without undergoing medical check up, and the death benefit payable shall be subject to the reduced sum assured3.


  2. Maximise Your Investment Value at Any Time
    • You have the flexibility to top-up4 your investment when the opportunity arises, or withdraw5 the money when you need it
    • You can enjoy unlimited fund switching between different fund profiles at any time according to your risk tolerance level6.

1 The cost of insurance of this product is not guaranteed. AIA Bhd. reserves the right to revise the cost of insurance of this product by giving 3 months’ notice. You are required to pay additional premium when there is a revision of cost of insurance for this product.
2 Provided the policy remains in force and the account value is sufficient to pay for the cost of insurance and other charges of the policy.
3 Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the sales illustration, product disclosure sheet or policy contract for further information.
4 Minimum amount of ad hoc top-up premium is RM500. You may contribute ad hoc top-up premium anytime after policy inception.
5 Referring to partial withdrawal facility - the minimum withdrawal amount is RM1,000 and subject to a minimum account value balance of RM4,000 after withdrawal. Wealth Bonus will be revoked if withdrawals are made in Policy Year 1 to 10 for the first payment of Wealth Bonus, and Policy Year 11 to 15 for the second payment of Wealth Bonus.
6 Referring to fund switching facility.

This product is only available for Insured with entry age between 45 and 80 years old (nearest birthday). The policy owner must be Red Carpet Banking ("RCB") customers with minimum entry age of 18 years old (nearest birthday).

Coverage Term
This plan covers you up to 100 years old (nearest birthday)

What Are The Major Exclusions For The Product?
Any death due to suicide within 1 year from the issue date or commencement date, whichever is later shall not be covered. AIA Bhd.’s liability shall be limited to the refund of the account value together with the unallocated premium and policy charges deducted, less any indebtedness from the issue date or commencement date, whichever is later. The policy shall then terminated.

The description, benefits, exclusions, terms and conditions described above have been summarized and are not exhaustive. For a detailed explanation on its benefits, terms and conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy contract.

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This plan is underwritten by AIA Bhd. licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Contact Details: AIA Bhd. 200701032867 (790895-D) Menara AIA, 99 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, P.O. Box 10846, 50927 Kuala Lumpur.

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