Current Account

Current Account

No. Type of Charges Amount
1 Annual service fee on Inactive Accounts*
  • For balance more than RM10.00
*Note: The annual service fee is only imposed on inactive Savings or Current Accounts which do not have any deposit or withdrawal transaction for a continuous period of at least twelve (12) months.
  • RM10.00 per account is charged annually
2 Closure of account (within 6 months from date opened) RM20.00 
3 Cheque dishonoured due to insufficient funds RM150.00 per cheque 
4 Audit confirmation RM50.00 per request
5 Stopped payment cheque
  • With sufficient funds
  • With insufficient funds
  • RM15.00 per cheque
  • RM150.00 per cheque will be imposed when the cheque is presented

Cheque encashment

Waived for the following categories of customer:

  1. Account holders and nominated third parties; and
  2. Government and School accounts
RM3.00 per cheque

Current Account Statement Request

  • Within 1 year
  • Above 1 year
  • RM2.00 per page and service charge of RM10.00
  • RM2.00 per page and service charge of RM25.00
8 Request for change of mandate for operating account RM10.00 per request
9 Post-dated cheque returned

Imposed on business accounts only
RM10.00 per cheque (to be collected from the payee)
10 Automatic Fund Transfer Facility RM5.00 per transfer
11 Opening of a DCHEQS Special Account RM50.00
12 Half-yearly service charge
Current Accounts exempted from the half-yearly service charge:
  • Government Accounts
  • New accounts opened for less than 1 month
  • Current Accounts opened by 50 PLUS Savings Accountholders
  • Current Accounts opened by PB Golden 50 PLUS Fixed Deposit Accountholders
  • eStatement Accounts
*Note: For joint account, only a depositor aged 50 years and above will enjoy the above benefit.
RM10.00 for each half-year on the current/overdraft accounts regardless of amount of daily balances (w.e.f 31/12/2017).
13 Monthly Service Charge on ACE Account/Premier ACE Account

Note: ACE Account/Premier ACE Accounts opened personally by/jointly with an existing 50 PLUS Savings/PB Golden 50 PLUS Fixed Deposit account holder aged 50 years and above are exempted from the monthly service charge.
RM5.00 per month if the monthly average balance is below RM3,000.00
14 Monthly Service Charge on ACE Enterprise Account/PLUS Current Account-i Enterprise RM5.00 per month if the monthly average balance is less than RM3,000.00
15 Payment Instructions from Other Banks Service charge: RM2.00 per transaction
16 Salary Payment Service
  • Manual Salary Crediting - for employees' accounts credited manually
  • Electronic Credit Payment System (ECP) - For employees' account credited electronically (via ECP)
  • Service charge: RM2.50 per employee's account
  • Service charge: RM1.00 per employee's account
17 Withdrawal from Housing Developers' Account Service charge: RM10.00 per transaction (excluding stamp duty and commission where applicable) is to be levied.
18 Reimbursement Fee for Cash Deposits:
  • Below RM10,000.00
  • RM10,000.00 and above

Imposed on business accounts only.
Fee for handling and bundling cash:
  • N/A
  • RM50.00 for cash deposit of RM10,000.00
  • Additional RM50.00 for every subsequent RM10,000.00 or part thereof.
19 Marking of Cheques:
  • House Cheques Issued and Deposited within the Same Branch (in Branch Marked Cheque)
Imposed on business accounts only
  • RM5.00
20 Interbranch Cheque Encashment & Interbranch Marked House Cheque:
  • Interbranch Cheque Encashment
  • Interbranch Marked House Cheque

Imposed on business accounts only
  • N/A
  • RM10.00
21 Cancellation of stop payment instruction RM20.00 per request
22 Postage for sending cheque book(s) to customers Actual courier charges for sending the cheque book to customers upon their request
23 Uncollected cheque book (if it is not collected 30 days from its issuance) RM30.00 per cheque book for all type of accounts

Over-the-counter normal and schedular tax deduction (PCB) payments into Lembaga Hasil dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN) accounts

RM2.00 per transaction
25 Cheque Image Retrieval Request
  • RM1.00 per page plus RM10.00 per request for cheque images available in Branch's database
  • RM5.00 per page plus RM10.00 per request for cheque images not available in Branch's database.
26 Collection of over-the-counter statutory payments for Government Agencies
  • Using cash or Public Bank/Public Islamic Bank cheques
  • Using non-Public Bank/non-Public Islamic Bank cheques
  • RM2.00 per transaction
  • RM4.00 per transaction 
27 Confirmation of signatories for Government Tender Purpose RM20.00 per request
Note: Not applicable for BASIC Current Account, for Basic Current Account Charges, please click here!