Achieve peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected in our secure and reliable safe deposit boxes.

Here's what Safe Deposit Box offers you:

  • Security is assured as premise is guarded 24 hours
  • Dual control of key lock system
  • Privacy and confidentiality are assured
  • Various box sizes available at reasonable rental rates
  • Additional top up insurance is available upon request
  • All new and existing Public Bank Savings/Current Account Holder
  • Individuals 18 years and above
Safe Deposit Box Sizes and Annual Rental Fees
No SDB Size (Inches) Annual Rental
3x5x24 250.00
3x12x19* 280.00
3 4x8x24  300.00 
4 5x5x24  280.00
5 3x10x24  300.00
6 4x10x24  310.00
7 5x10x24  350.00 
8 6x12x19*  370.00 
9 8x8x24  400.00 
10 8x12x19*  310.00 
11 10x10x24  450.00 
12 12x12x19*  440.00 
13 8x15x24  450.00 
14  24x12x19* 400.00
15  24x24x24 550.00

*Available only at Kuala Lumpur City Main Office


  1. Rental rates are subject to change.
  2. Availability of sizes varies at different branches.
  3. Rental payment is via Standing Instruction.
Branches with Safe Deposit Box Facilities

For further enquiries, kindly contact any of our branches with Safe Deposit Box. 

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