Account Inquiry

What is Quick Balance?

Quick Balance allows you to view your account balance summary via fingerprint or Face ID authentication.

Is Quick Balance supported on my device?

Quick Balance is supported on mobile devices that come with:

  • Fingerprint authentication / Touch ID
  • Face ID (iPhone X or newer)
Do I need to activate Quick Balance?

Yes. Activate Quick Balance when you launch PB engage MY for the first time. You may also choose to activate it later at “Settings” > “Quick Access”

Can I activate Quick Balance on multiple devices?

Yes. Up to three (3) devices per user.

Can other people view my Quick Balance if their fingerprints are registered on my device?

Yes, but only if you allow other people to register their fingerprints on your mobile device. To safeguard your privacy, please ensure that you delete all third party fingerprint(s) registered on your device

Why do I still get prompted to enter my password after login via Quick Balance?

Quick Balance allows quick access to view your account balances only. Password is required to access other services.

What is Account Summary?

Account Summary allows you to view all your account balances at one glance.

Can I view the account details and transaction history?

Yes, tap on any account at Account Summary page to view account details and transaction history. Tap on “PBe History” to retrieve the receipt of past transactions.

How far back can I track transactions in PB engage MY?

Transaction history is available for the past 3 months.

What if some of my accounts are not shown in Account Summary?

You can add newly opened accounts at PBe under “Profile Maintenance”.

What are the 3 horizontal dots in between Account Details and Transaction History?

It is the Quick Action Menu (QAM) that provides you a shortcut to move to “Transfer” or
“Payment” pages directly as below:

Account Type QAM List
Current/Savings Account
  • Transfer to PB Account
  • Transfer to Other Banks
  •  DuitNow Transfer
  • Pay Bills
  • JomPAY
  • Prepaid Top-Up
eFixed Deposit / eTerm
Deposit i
  • Placement
  • Withdrawal
  • Download Placement / Renewal Slip
PB Card
  • PayStatement Balance
  • PayMinimum Amount
  • Pay Bills
  • JomPAY
  • Prepaid Top-Up
  • Report Lost Card
  • Create Card PIN
PB Loan / Financing
  • Pay Instalment