Post Transaction Alert

What is a Post Transaction Alert?

Post transaction alert is a security feature to notify you of the activities conducted via online banking which serves to safeguard your interests from any fraudulent or unauthorised actions.

What is a Push Notification?

Push Notification is a new and secured method of delivering post transaction alerts and notifications to PBB customers who has downloaded PB engage MY and registered to allow notification messages. It will be sent to the customer’s device even when PB engage MY app is not launched on the device.

How do I receive the Push Notification?

All existing post transaction notifications sent via SMS will be delivered through Push Notification once you have registered for this feature on your PB engage MY app. The Push Notification message will be delivered in a truncated format, should you tap on the Push Notification it will display the respective message in full in the PB engage MY Mailbox.

What if I don’t download PB engage MY?

You will continue to receive post transaction alerts and notifications via SMS and PBe Mailbox.

What happens if my phone is turned off or I do not have internet connection on my device?

The Push Notification for post transaction alerts / notification will still be delivered and dropped into your PB engage MY and PBe Mailbox. You may view the unread messages by tapping on the Mailbox icon upon launching of the PB engage MY app or after logging into PBe.

What should I do if I receive a Push Notification for a transaction that I do not recognize or is not performed by me?

Please contact PBe Customer Support at 603-2170 8000 immediatelyfor assistance.