Security Concerns

Is PB engage MY safe?

Yes, PB engage MY is secure. For a start, device binding is mandatory for using PB engage MY service. To perform financial transaction, you are required to login with User ID and password. Personal login Phrase (PLP) will be displayed for your verification prior to login with your password.

Transactions via PB engage MY must be approved by PAC or SecureSign Code and are monitored by the Bank’s Fraud Detection System.

Data transmission via PB engage MY are encrypted with HTTPS with valid trusted server certificate and secured with TLS 1.2 encryption with end-to end application layer encryption between the mobile device and back-end server to further protect the transaction.

The mobile application is protected with Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) to protect it from malicious attacks and unwanted changes and tampering.

Can I use PB engage MY on a rooted or jailbroken mobile device?

No, PB engage MY is not accessible via rooted or jailbroken mobile devices.

What happens when I take a screenshot of the app?

There is a risk of leakage of your personal data such as login credentials, accounts and transaction information if unwanted third parties have access to your screenshots. Please be aware that the use of screenshots is at your own risk and responsibility.

What are the minimum operating system requirements for PB engage MY?
  • Android: Android 10 and above.
  • iOS: iOS 12 and above.
Why is PB engage MY requesting permission to access my contacts, location, camera or photos?

PB engage MY requires access due to the following reasons:


Services Mandatory Access Description
Phone Book / Contact No To allow you to retrieve contact number from your phone book when you perform DuitNow Transfer and Prepaid Top-Up.
Phone / Location No For device authentication and security purpose.
Storage Yes ( for Android devices only) For profile personalisation purpose.
authentication / Touch
ID / Face ID
No To enable Quick Access / Quick Balance
Camera / Photo No For profile personalisation purpose and scanning of QR Code purpose.
I received a notification message asking me to update my PB engage MY to the latest version. Can I continue to use the app without updating?

No, you are required to update PB engage MY to the latest version to enjoy the new features, better performance and improved security.

Whatshould I do if Ilost my mobile device?

Login to PB engage MY from another mobile device. At “Settings”, tap on “Device Management” and delete the lost device. Alternatively, contact PBe Consumer Support at 603-2170 8000 for assistance.

I’m having trouble accessing PB engage MY on my Android devices. What can I do?

Please ensure that your Android USB / Wireless Debugging function is turned OFF. You can access this via Settings > System > Developer Options > USB / Wireless Debugging.