E-Standing Instruction

What is E-SI?

E-Standing Instruction is a convenient service that makes automated payments of a fixed amount to a loan, bill, or credit card at a pre-set time and date. You can schedule a one off payment or repeated payments with E-SI.

Who can apply for E-SI?

Any PBe customer with a current/savings account can apply.

What is the daily transfer limit for E-SI?

E-Standing Instruction is subjected to your daily fund transfer limit. Please refer here for the daily transaction limits.

Are there any service charges for E-SI?

Service charge is free for E-SI funds transfers within Public Bank accounts. Standard Fees & Charges apply for transfer to other banks.

How do I create an E-SI?

Please follow these steps below:-

  1. Choose Account
  2. Click on ‘E-Standing Instruction (E-SI)
  3. Click on ‘Create E-SI
  4. Choose your transaction type
  5. Fill in the details :-
    • From Account
    • Beneficiary short name
    • Amount (RM)
    • First Effective Date
    • Frequency
    • Occurrence(s)
  6. Click on ‘Next’
  7. Verify details entered
  8. Authorise the transaction with PB SecureSign or SecureSign Token
  9. Click on ‘Confirm’
How do I delete a scheduled E-SI?

You manage your E-SI by deleting an entire E-SI or delete specific transactions within your created E-SI.

  • To delete an entire E-SI, please follow these steps below:-
    • Choose Account
    • Click on ‘E-Standing Instruction (E-SI)
    • Click on ‘Manage E-SI’
    • Choose the E-SI that you want to delete
    • Click on ‘Delete’
  • To delete a specific transaction within your E-SI, please follow these steps below:-
    • Choose Account
    • Click on E-Standing Instruction (E-SI)
    • Click on Manage E-SI
    • Choose the E-SI you want to manage
    • Click on ‘View Details’
    • Choose which specific transactions scheduled date that you want delete
    • Click on ‘Delete’