General PBe Services

How do I link my accounts to my PBe profile?
You are allowed to add multiple accounts in your PBe profile, provided they are opened at the same branch.  Kindly visit your account holding branch to link your accounts to your PBe profile. 
Accounts eligible to be linked include:
  • Savings / Current Account
  • Fixed Deposit Account
  • Gold Investment Account
  • Foreign Currency Account
  • Share Link Account
  • Loans Account
  • Hire Purchase Account
  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Retail Negotiable Instrument of Deposit / Retail Negotiable Islamic Debt Certificate
* Take Note: for Joint Account holders, your mode of signing must be either one to sign. When registering for a PBe profile, both signatories must provide identification and sign on our E-banking Modification form.
How do I remove accounts that are linked to my PBe profile?

To modiify your personal details, first login your account. Click on "Profile Maintenance" followed by "Manage Profile".

Next, select "View/Delete Accounts".

My account shows that it is dormant or inactive. What should I do?

To activate your account, you will need to perform an over-the-counter withdrawal transaction at any one of our branches. You will be able to view your account on the next working day.

What is “Balance Inquiry”?
Balance Inquiry allows you to view your account balances, provided the accounts are linked to your PBe profile. You may view any of your accounts listed below:
  • Deposit Accounts (Savings / Current)
  • Loan / Financing
  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Gold Investment Account
What is “Transaction History”?

Transaction History allows you to view your account transactions for the current month and the past two months. Your account must first be linked your PBe profile.

I require clarification regarding my account transactions.Who can I contact?
For Savings / Current / Loan /Gold Investment accounts, please contact your respective account holding branches. Contact details can be found here.
As for Public Bank Credit Card customers, you may contact our PB Card Services at 603-2176 8000 or email us at
What is CSV download?

CSV Download shows you your account balance and transaction history in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format. For the best view, please open the file using spreadsheet softwares such as Microsoft Excel or OSX's Number.

What is “View PBe Transaction”?
View PBe Transaction is a record of all your transactions performed (last six months) via PBe. This feature caters for the following transactions:
  • Fund Transfer (To Other Account) 
  • Interbank Fund Transfer (To Account/To Favourite Account)
  • Credit/Debit Card Payment (To Own Account/To Other Account) 
  • Loan/Financing Payment (To Own Account/To Other Account) 
  • Bill Payment (To Bill/To Favourite Bill) 
  • Other Payment (Zakat / Wakaf) 
  • Other Payment (Income Tax Payment) 
  • Prepaid (Top-up)
  • Investment (To Account / To Favourite Account)
  • FPX
  • Other Payment (EPF Payment) 
  • DuitNow Transfer (To Other / Favourite Account / ID)
  • Foreign remittance
  • Western Union
  • JomPAY
  • DuitNow / DuitNow QR
  • PB Visa Direct
  • Other Payment (Lembaga Tabung Haji)
  • Buy / sell Gold Investment Account
I would like to know more about products and services offered by Public Bank. How may I do so?

You may contact our Customer Services Department at 1-800-22-5555 or by email at Alternatively, you may choose to get in touch with us via an online form at Contact Us.