GST Tax Invoice

How do I download and print GST Tax Invoice?
  1. Login to PBe and click ACCOUNT at the Welcome Page.
  2. Click Print GST Tax Invoice.
  3. Select Account No, Year, Month and then click Next.
  4. Click on Tax Invoice Number.
  5. The selected Tax Invoice will be displayed. You may save and print the Tax Invoice.
When can I download and print GST Tax Invoice?

The Electronic GST Tax Invoice can be downloaded on a bi-weekly basis as follows:

Transaction Date Tax Invoice Available On
1st to 15th of the month 16th of the month
16th to end of the month 1st of the subsequent month
How long will the GST Tax Invoice be available online?

The GST Tax Invoice is available online for a period of 2 years.

Where can I get the previous years’ GST Tax Invoice?

You may request for printing of GST Tax Invoice from your account holding branch.

Why I cannot download my GST Tax Invoice?

You may email to PBe Customer Support at or contact 03-2170 8000 for further clarification.

My GST Tax Invoice details are not in order, how can I get rectified?

You are advised to contact your account holding branch directly.