PBe Challenge Questions and Answers

How does this new security feature work?

The challenge questions and answers provide an extra layer of security to further authenticate your identity when you login and transact with us.

If we detect any unusual activity or unauthorised transaction, you will be prompted with a challenge question.

How do I set up my challenge questions and answers?

It’s really simple! Just select your preferred question and provide an answer from each group. There will be three groups in total. PAC SMS or SecureSign token will be required when performing the enrollment process.

Can I choose not to set up challenge questions and answers?

No. This security feature applies to all our online banking customers.

Do I need to change my PBe User ID or password?

No. You may keep your current User ID and password.

Can I set up my challenge questions via PB engage?

No. You may only set up your challenge questions and answers via PBe. Access to PB engage will be blocked until you have set up the challenge questions.

Any tip in selecting the challenge questions and the corresponding answers?

Remember, this information will be used to verify your account. Please pick memorable questions and answers that only you will know.

Can I use the same exact answer for all three challenge questions?

No. You need to ensure that each answer is unique.

Must I keep my chosen challenge questions and answers a secret?

Yes. Think of it like an additional password. Do not share this information with anyone.

Forgot the answer to your challenge question?

Please contact PBe Customer Support hotline at 03-2170 8000 for assistance.