Profile Maintenance

What can I do under "Profile Maintenance"?
  • Change of Address Request (sent to Account Holding branch)
  • Change Password
  • Change Personal Details
  • Change of Third Party Transfer Limit / FPX Transfer Limit
  • PBe Alert / Notification
  • Change Credit/Debit Card info
  • Change Personal Login Phrase
  • Unregister PAC
  • Add / Delete Account
  • Challenge Questions Enrolment
  • Change Challenge Questions
  • Cancel ATM Card
  • Manage Card Profile
How do I cancel my ATM Card via PBe?
  • Choose Profile Management
  • Click on Cancel ATM Card
  • Select the card(s) you want to cancel
  • Click on “Next”
  • Check your details to ensure the ATM Card selected is correct
  • Click “Confirm” to cancel your ATM Card
  • Upon confirmation your ATM Card(s) will be cancelled immediately. The card can no longer be reactivated
  • To apply for a replacement ATM Card, please visit any PBB/PIBB branch