Paying At Automated Fuel Dispensers And Other Unattended Terminals

What happens if I use my new PIN card at a terminal not supporting PIN?

In this case, the terminal will process your new PIN card without prompting for PIN and you will be required to sign on the sales draft

Do I need to enter PIN at these unattended terminals?

You must enter your PIN at automated fuel dispensers and other unattended terminals if you are prompted for PIN. If you forget your PIN, you will not be able to use your card at these unattended terminals.

Alternatively for transactions at petrol stations, you can go to the indoor payment counter.

What happens when I use my card at a self-service pump?

When you use your card at a self-service pump (automated fuel dispenser) at a petrol station, the self-service pump will authorise the fuel transaction before you can start pumping fuel into your vehicle. This is performed by sending a pre-authorisation amount on the payment card to us.

What is a pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount from the available balance on the payment card. It is used to verify that the card is active and has sufficient available funds prior to dispensing fuel.

What amount will be pre-authorised on my card when using a self-service pump?

Because the pre-authorisation must happen before the fuel is pumped, the actual amount of fuel pumped is not yet known at the time of the pre-authorisation. The agreed pre-authorisation amount at self-service pumps in Malaysia is set to RM200

What if the amount of fuel pumped is less than the pre-authorised amount?

The amount of the pre-authorisation is not a charge and no funds are debited from the card account, but the available balance on the card is temporarily reduced by the pre-authorisation amount. Once you have completed pumping fuel, the actual amount for the fuel dispensed will be sent to us. At this point the actual amount will be debited from the card account, and the pre-authorisation amount is cleared. However, this may take 3–4 business days after the fuel was dispensed and the pre authorisation was generated.

What if my available funds are less than RM200 or if I want to avoid a RM200 hold of funds on my card?

If you want to avoid a pre-authorisation at self-service pumps, you are advised to go to the cashier where the exact purchase amount would be deducted from your card account.