Encountered a suspicious website or application that promotes misleading information regarding Public Bank? Report it to the bank immediately via this online feature.

You can also report the following cases to us for our action:

  • Phishing website / fake or malicious mobile application
  • Fake PBB social media account
  • Social media advertisement to rent / purchase your PBB ATM / Credit / Debit Card
  • Suspicious investment opportunity / advisory purportedly from members of PBB senior management

Together, let us strengthen our defences against online fraud and scams to ensure a safer digital environment for all.

Step By Step Guide


Visit Public Bank info site menu and click “Report Phishing” at the Useful Links/Quick Links menu.


Fill in the relevant details and upload the images, where applicable. Click “Submit” once all relevant details are filled.


Verify submitted details and click “Confirm”.


The report has been successfully submitted to relevant team for review.