Question 1/8:

You received an e-mail from the bank which claims that an incoming credit to your account has been put on hold. Take a closer look at the e-mail. What are some of the signs that this is not an official bank email but a phishing email?

  1. It’s for a transaction that you’re not even aware of
  2. Multiple spelling or grammar mistakes
  3. Unknown hyperlink included in the e-mail
  4. Public Bank’s name and logo is displayed in the email

Question 2/8:

You accidentally clicked on the hyperlink in the e-mail message. You’re redirected to a Public Bank phishing website. How can you tell if the website is a fake/phishing website?

  1. The page URL address looks suspicious
  2. The colour scheme is different
  3. The website asked for your User ID and Password on the same screen
  4. Missing pad lock symbol or green status at the address bar
  5. Your personal Login Phrase is not displayed

Question 3/8:

Shortly after you entered your User ID and Password, you received a PAC SMS and the website requested you to enter the PAC in order to receive an incoming fund.

Which of the following dictates that you should not enter the PAC number?

Question 4/8:

You can’t recall the PBB internet banking URL address. So you used a search engine to search for the Bank's website. The search engine will always display a long list of possible websites and you just clicked on the first result. You were then redirected to this website.

Is this the genuine PBe website?

Question 5/8:

You received a phone call claiming to be from Bank Negara Malaysia. The 'Bank Officer' claims that you are involved in money laundering activities and to prove your innocence, you must transfer all your money to a safe account for investigation or else, you will be prosecuted. What should you do?

Question 6/8:

You recently befriended someone via an online social network website. Both of you chat regularly and developed a close relationship. One day, your online friend decides to send you expensive gifts worth RM20,000 as a token for your friendship.

However, you received a phone call from a customs officer that the gifts are currently held back at customs and requested you to transfer RM2,000 to an account in order to release the gift from customs. What is your next course of action?

Question 7/8:

You are looking to buy a large flat screen TV and you came across a social media posting offering to sell a limited time only new unit at half the normal price. What are the possible signs that this could be a scam?
  1. The TV is a popular Japanese brand
  2. Seller deals anonymously and no product inspection is allowed
  3. Seller claims that this is the last unit and you need to decide
    fast or it will be sold to other buyer.
  4. Seller requested for full payment to be made to a
    personal account prior delivery.

Question 8/8:

You received a call with the caller ID displaying as Public Bank. Upon answering you hear a computerized voice asking you to verify your credit card number for an opportunity to win attractive cash prizes.
You realize that this is scam call, what is the best course of action in this situation?

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