Before you start
Question 1/8:
What are some of the precautions that you should take before accessing PBe?

Locating PBe
Question 2/8:
How do you usually locate our site?

Secure Website
Question 3/8:
Seeing Green: The Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a security feature that helps you to visually verify that you've arrived at our authentic web site.

Which is not part of our TLS security feature?

Logging into PBe
Question 4/8:

Which is the correct login process sequence?
  1. Key in User ID & Click Next
  2. Key in Password
  3. Check the Personal Login Phrase (PLP)
  4. Click Login

Personal Login Phrase(PLP)
Question 5/8:

What is the function of PBe’s Personal Login Phrase (PLP)?

Question 6/8:
What should you do if the Personal Login Phrase (PLP) is not displayed or is incorrect?

After successful login
Question 7/8:
Great! You have successfully logged in to your account. What should you check before proceeding?
  1. Your name
  2. Your last login date and time
  3. Your bank account balance
  4. Contact Us

Question 8/8:
You have finished performing all your transactions. How do you exit PBe?

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