If you already own a home, you can choose to refinance it to get additional funds for life's other needs. Whether it is funds for renovations, investments to grow your wealth, or your child’s education, our Mortgage Refinancing Plan can cater for these needs.

This plan allows you to refinance your property from other financial institutions or to get additional funds from your existing property.

The available refinancing plans are as follows: 

This plan allows you to plan and manage your finances better, with the financial flexibility of an overdraft Overdraft facility.

HomeSave Facility
This facility links your housing loan to your current account whereby the credit balance in your current account will be used to reduce the housing loan balance outstanding for interest calculation, thus resulting in interest savings.

Here’s what MORE Plan can do for you:
  • Great savings as interest rates are calculated on daily rest.
  • Credit card with annual fee waiver for the entire loan tenure.
  • Option for Redraw Facility.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Online application form provided in this page is available for all PBB’s branches.


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