PB Series of Funds

Discover our wide range of fund schemes according to your financial goals, risk appetite, and preferences.

Public Bank distributes a wide range of Unit Trust funds i.e. PB Series of Funds that promotes various categories of funds, namely equity fund, mixed assets fund, balanced fund, bond / fixed income fund and money market fund in order to cater for your various investment strategies and risk tolerance levels.


Public e-Series of Funds

Explore our range of online funds to invest in with an initial investment of as low as RM 100. Manage your investment directly online via Public Mutual Online (PMO).

Public e-Series of Funds are “electronic" fund managed by PMB, whereby all statements of transactions, investment details and reports including summary of distribution are made available online to unitholders via Public Mutual Online (PMO).

No hardcopy statements and reports will be sent to unitholder. Therefore, unit holders of Public e-Series of Funds must be a subscriber of PMO.

Private Retirement Scheme

Safeguard your retirement years with the Private Retirement Scheme (PRS), a voluntary investment scheme that allows flexible contribution based on your personal needs and preferences.

Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) is a voluntary long-term contribution scheme designed to help individuals accumulate savings* for retirement. Public Bank also distributes a wide range of PRS funds that you may choose to contribute based on your contribution time horizon, risk appetite and age.

* Funds under PRS are neither capital guaranteed nor capital protected funds.

Both the Unit Trust and PRS funds are managed by Public Mutual Berhad, currently the largest private unit trust company in Malaysia with more than 30 years experience in fund management.

Purchase or investment of Unit Trust funds and PRS funds can be performed via Public Mutual Online (PMO) at www.publicmutualonline.com.my

For more information, please log on to www.publicmutual.com.my, call 03-2170 8000 or visit any PB Branch.

Private Pension Administrator is the central administrator for the PRS. For further information on PRS, please log on to www.ppa.my.

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