Make your everyday banking easier

The next generation mobile banking by Public Bank is here! Immerse yourself in a whole new banking experience, coupled with a variety of lifestyle services all at one place.

Download MyPB App today to enjoy a convenient and efficient banking experience.

PB SecureSign

Quick, simple and secure!

PB SecureSign is designed to keep your online account safe from online threats. Activate PB SecureSign now to experience enhanced security and fast approvals for your transactions.

User Interface Enhancements

Refreshed User Interface

Enjoy a modern and intuitive user interface and user experience

Account Summary

View all of your account information in just a single tap


Keep track of your wealth with ease



View your account balances and transaction details 24/7

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View your account balance and transaction details anytime, anywhere. You can also view your Cards, Deposits, Investments and Loans / Financing Accounts.


Apply for the Bank’s products and services anytime, anywhere

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Skip the visit to the branch! All the following applications have been made fully online accompanied by full guidance to assist you every step of the way.

Apply now with MyPB App:

  • Credit Card
  • Vehicle Financing
  • Home Financing
  • Solar Financing

Red Carpet Banking customers can now schedule and view appointments

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Convenient access for all Red Carpet Banking customers to schedule and view appointments. Upon scheduling an appointment, you can add each appointment to your Calendar or view it through MyPB App.


Calculate the monthly instalments or affordability for a property or vehicle with our financial calculator

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Looking to own your first home or purchase a new car? MyPB App comes equipped with a financial calculator to help you calculate your monthly instalments and helps you determine your affordability for a property or a vehicle.

What Can I Calculate?

  • Monthly Installment for a Home Loan
  • Monthly Installment for a Hire Purchase
  • Affordability to Buy a Property
  • Affordability to Buy a Vehicle
Cardless Withdrawal

Withdraw cash from any Public Bank ATM without the need of a debit card

Cash Advance

Debit funds from your credit card to your current or savings account with ease

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Enjoy instant cash relief with the Cash Advance feature.

With Cash Advance, you can get instant cash transferred from your credit card to any of your Savings / Current Accounts.

CO2 Tracker

Understand your carbon emissions and perform offset transactions in real time, paving the road to a sustainable future

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The CO2 Tracker feature allows you to understand your personal carbon impact from each transaction performed whilst providing an avenue to perform offset payments by donating to carbon projects.

The various functions of this feature are as follows:

  • Detailed Carbon Insights
  • View Transactions & Perform Offsets
  • Comparison screen vs other Bank users
  • Carbon Offset Projects Display and Information
Expense Tracker

Record and track all your expenses

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Keep track of your monthly income and expenses with the Expense Tracker feature. You can also input your additional income or expenses for current or previous months manually.


Save your physical cards and display them in the form of a barcode or QR code

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You can now add your loyalty cards to MyPB App and display them in the form of a barcode or QR Code.

This feature allows convenient access to all your loyalty cards instead of having to rummage through your wallet/ purse to display them each time.


Real-time updates for any funds debited from or credited to your accounts

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Receive real-time notifications and announcements on your MyPB App, keeping you updated at all times.

Pay Bill

Convenient bill payments to a multitude of billers

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Got bills to pay? Fret not, paying your bills with the MyPB App is as easy as 1,2,3.

What methods can I use to Pay my Bills on MyPB App?

  • Bill Payment
  • JomPAY
Pay Card & Pay Loan

Easy payments to your Cards, Loans & Financing

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Stay on top of your credit card bills / loan payments by paying through MyPB App. All it takes is just a few taps and you’re done.

What types of card / loan payments can I perform?

  • Pay Own Card
  • Pay Other Card
  • Pay Own Loan
  • Pay Other Loan
PB SecureSign

Activate now for enhanced security and faster transaction approvals

Prepaid Top-Up

Purchase prepaid top-ups from our list of telco service providers

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Purchase instant reloads for your prepaid mobile effortlessly with MyPB App. You can purchase foreign top-up with a multitude of Prepaid Types to choose from.

PB Journey

A fun way to teach your children about money and inclusive of cash rewards


Personalize your profile settings

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Personalize your profile settings

What can I do in the Profile section?

  • Access 'Settings' to manage your PIN, PB SecureSign, DuitNow ID & Push Notifications. 
  • Set your Nickname
  • Deativate your User ID 
  • View FAQs, Terms and Conditions, & Privacy Policy

Quick access to your QR code scanner for instant payments

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Want to pay for your meal or transfer some money to your friends but realize that you don’t have any cash on you? With the Scan feature, you can perform instant payments or receive funds with just a quick QR code scan.

What types of QR Payments can I perform?

  • DuitNow QR Merchant-Presented Mode
  • DuitNow QR Cross Border 
  • Receive: DuitNow QR P2P
  • Alipay+

View your scheduled or recurring transactions and set reminders for it

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Can’t keep track of all your standing instructions/ recurring transactions? With the Scheduled feature on MyPB App, you can not only view and organize all your standing instructions/ recurring transactions, but you can also set reminders to prompt you for any pending transactions.

What does the Scheduled feature consist of?

  • A ‘Recurring’ tab where you can view all pending or successful recurring transactions
  • A ‘Reminder’ tab where you can manually set reminders for any transactions that you wish to perform.

Transfer funds instantly to anyone anywhere

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Transfer funds instantly to anyone, anywhere, anytime with the Send feature.

What transfer methods can I use to send money?

  • Transfer to Own Account
  • Transfer to Other Public Bank Account
  • DuitNow Transfer to Account
  • DuitNow Transfer to Proxy (via DuitNow ID)
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)

Keep track of all your assets and liabilities

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All your assets, liabilities and other key information will be display here for your convenience. You can also manually input any additional information by tapping on the desired field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyPB App?

MyPB App is a new mobile banking application positioned as a banking and lifestyle app that offers the existing online banking services as provided through PB engage with other additional lifestyle services that extend beyond banking.

Who can use MyPB App?

All individuals with PBe access can use the MyPB App with their existing username and password. For non-Public Bank customers, you may access to MyPB App using your email address.

How do I set up MyPB App?

After downloading MyPB App for the first time, existing PBe users can proceed to perform a first-time login. For new-to-Bank users or users who have never used the app before, they will be required to undergo registration.

What is the minimum operating system (OS) supported by the MyPB App?

The minimum Mobile OS is as follows:

  1. Android 11 or higher
  2. iOS 14 or higher
Is MyPB App safe?

MyPB App is equipped with various security features:

  1. The use of MyPB App would require users to perform registration/ first time login and device binding which the device binding process will require 2-Factor Authentication.
  2. Access to banking services is subject to PB SecureSign Activation.
  3. Challenge Questions are imposed to authenticate transactions that are deemed high risk.
  4. Only 1 login session is allowed per PBe access (i.e. based on User ID and password). If the same PBe access is used to login from another platform (i.e. PBe/ MyPB or PB engage), the current session will be terminated.
  5. Confidential account information will not be stored on the mobile device.
  6. Sensitive data such as password or transaction information are protected by TLS 1.2 protocol with AES 256-bit encryption.