What is PB SecureSign?

PB SecureSign is an easy and secured way to authenticate transactions by using biometric recognition or 6-digit SecurePIN.

This feature will bind your device with your PBe User ID for enhanced security. Only one of your registered device can be activated with PB SecureSign.

Register and Activate PB SecureSign

Approve PBe transactions using PB SecureSign

MyPB App
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Approve using MyPB


Verify and confirm your details and click on “Send” to perform the transaction


Key in your 6-digit SecurePIN/ Perform Biometric Authentication

Transaction completed!

PB engage
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Approve using PB engage


Verify your transaction details at Confirmation screen and tap on “Agree & Confirm”


Scan your finger / face if you have set up biometric authentication

Transaction completed!

PBe Internet Banking
Different Device
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Approve using different device

Note: This feature is only available on PB engage


Select to approve via Push Notification or SecurePAC


A push notification will be sent to your activated device for approval

Transaction completed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PB SecureSign

PB SecureSign is a digital security token integrated into your Public Bank mobile banking application (i.e. PB engage or MyPB App). It allows you to authenticate your banking transactions easily and safely via biometric (i.e. fingerprint / Touch ID / Face ID) recognition or 6-digit SecurePIN.

Can I activate PB SecureSign on both MyPB App and PB engage registered device(s)?

No, PB SecureSign can only be activated on one (1) registered device at any one (1) time.

How do I switch PB SecureSign to another device on MyPB App?
  • Install and Login to the app on the new device by inputting your PBe User ID and Password.
  • You will be prompted with, “Choosing to proceed to login to this device will remove your access to this app from your previous device.” Click on Yes.
  • Proceed and complete the remaining steps.
  • Register for PB SecureSign by inputting your MyKad / ID No.
  • Proceed with enabling/ setting your quick payment limit and verify your activation through an SMS code sent to your registered mobile device.
  • Your PB SecureSign is now pending activation on your new device. Please activate via ATM/CRM or branch.
  • Upon activation, you will have successfully switched your PB SecureSign to another device on MyPB App.
I did not receive any Push Notification on my device to approve my transactions.

Please ensure your Push Notification is turned on for MyPB App and PB engage at your device settings.

Is there a time limit for Push Notification?

The time limit to approve a transaction using push notification is 120 seconds / 2 minutes.

What happens if I click on the Push Notification after 120 seconds / 2 minutes?

The Push Notification will be expired after this time and you will need to redo the transaction.

What is SecurePAC?

SecurePAC is an authentication method available when you perform transactions using other registered device(s). A 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) will be generated by PB SecureSign used for transaction approval of higher limit.

I entered the correct SecurePAC but it shows an error stating that the SecurePAC is invalid?

The SecurePAC is only valid for 120 seconds / 2 minutes. Please enter the SecurePAC on PBe during the 120 seconds / 2 minutes timeframe.