1. Ensure your card is in your possession at all times and report the loss of card immediately to the Bank at the following numbers :
    1. 03-2176 8555 for Visa / Mastercard Credit Card and PB TAR UMT Mastercard Debit / PB UTAR Mastercard Debit / PB - Petron Visa Debit / PB Visa Debit cards.
    2. 03-2179 5000 for Visa / Mastercard / UnionPay Lifestyle Debit Card.
  2. Do not leave your card in your vehicle / locker unattended to avoid theft.
  3. Do not respond to SMS / call / e-mails from unknown person asking for your card details
  4. Be sceptical - Bank Negara Malaysia officer will never call you to ask for your card or banking particulars. You should end the call immediately.
  5. Respond immediately to the Bank’s SMS transaction alert if you did not authorize the transaction.
  6. Always remember to take back your card at the end of any transaction, at any self-serve machines, e.g, ATM, self-service petrol station and at any retail outlets.
  7. Cardmember shall use precautions to prevent the loss of your card and PIN.
  8. Do not disclose the PIN to any other person
  9. Do not write down the PIN on your card, or on anything kept in proximity with the card.
  10. Do not use birth date, identity card (IC) number or phone number as your PIN.
  11. Do not allow any other person to use your card and PIN.
  12. Do not reveal your One Time Password (OTP) to anyone.
  13. Do not follow any instructions to transfer fund into any unverified 3rd party account.

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Credit Card & Debit Card Guide To Prevent Disagreement On Online and Marketing Calls Purchases

  1. Always ensure that you fully understand an online merchant’s cancellation & refund policy prior to making any online goods or services purchases.
  2. Do not give any form of consent either verbal or in writing including SMS replies to unsolicited marketing calls if you do not agree or are not sure of the product or services offered.
  3. Do not click on subscribe buttons and advertisement pop-ups in any websites if you do not agree or are not sure of the product or services offered.
  4. Always disable the auto-renewal setting in your mobile phone if you do not intend to continue with a service subscription after the trial period.