No. Report Lost / Cancellation Telephone Operating Hours
1 Report Lost ATM Card 603-2170 8000 24 hours
2 Cancellation of ATM Card via PBe Service under "Profile Maintenance" > "Cancel ATM Card" - 24 hours

Cancellation of ATM Card via

Click here to cancel your ATM Card now. 
- 24 hours
4 Report Lost of Visa / Mastercard Card 603-2176 8555 24 hours

All claims of a lost or stolen card or disputed transactions performed on the card will be investigated by the Bank upon receipt of all relevant information and in accordance with BNM Guidelines and the Bank's internal investigation procedures.

In the event the Bank finds that there has been any attempt to make false claim(s) on a disputed transaction, the Bank reserves the right to lodge a police report on the false claim(s) made, terminate your use of the credit card/ debit card, as the case may be, and hold you liable for the amount of the disputed transaction(s) and all costs and expenses incurred by the Bank.