Looking to transfer funds seamlessly to other Visa Cards?

Send money easily to any eligible Visa card overseas using PBe internet banking. Transfer funds online from anywhere you are, at any time.

You only require the recipient’s card number. Plus, the recipient doesn’t need to go pick up their money as it will be credited directly into the account.
Money is sent through Visa’s secure network so the recipient doesn’t need to provide bank account information.
Funds are available as fast as 30 minutes - or within 2 days with certain participating recipient banks.

How to use PB Visa Direct?

  1. Login to your PBe
  2. Enter the details
  3. Send your money

* Fees and charges: RM10.00 per transaction

Note: Certain countries and financial institutions may choose not to accept these transactions due to local regulatory or other restrictions. View blocked countries.

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