Security Concerns

Is MyPB App safe?

MyPB App is equipped with various security features:

  1. The use of MyPB App would require users to perform registration/ first time login and device binding which the device binding process will require 2-Factor Authentication.
  2. Access to banking services is subject to PB SecureSign Activation.
  3. Challenge Questions are imposed to authenticate transactions that are deemed high risk.
  4. Only 1 login session is allowed per PBe access (i.e. based on User ID and password). If the same PBe access is used to login from another platform (i.e. PBe/ MyPB or PB engage), the current session will be terminated.
  5. Confidential account information will not be stored on the mobile device.
  6. Sensitive data such as password or transaction information are protected by TLS 1.2 protocol with AES 256-bit encryption.
What is the minimum operating system (OS) supported by the MyPB App?

The minimum Mobile OS is as follows:

  1. Android 11 or higher
  2. iOS 14 or higher 

The checking of the mobile OS is done by the Apple App Store/ Google Play Store. If the OS is not supported, you will not be able to download the App.

Can I use MyPB App on a rooted or jailbroken mobile device?

No, MyPB App is not accessible via rooted or jailbroken mobile devices.

What happens when I take a screenshot of the app?

There will be a risk of leakage of your personal data such as login credentials, accounts and transaction information if unwanted third parties have access to your screenshots. Please be aware that the use of screenshots is at your own risk and responsibility.

Why is MyPB App requesting access to my contacts, location, camera or photos?

MyPB App will need certain access due to the following reasons:

  1. Phone Book/ Contacts – This is so MyPB App can retrieve the contact numbers to make it easier when performing transactions such as DuitNow Transfer and Prepaid Top-Up.
  2. Phone/ Location – MyPB App will need access for device authentication and security. It will also be used to easier search for information like preferred branch while filling up applications such as Home Loan or Hire Purchase Loan.
  3. Storage – MyPB App will use this for profile personalization purposes.
  4. Fingerprint Authentication/ Touch ID/ Face ID – This is so you can enable Biometric Authentication to validate transactions.
  5. Camera/ Photo – MyPB App will need access to this for a few uses:
    1. Camera will be used for the e-KYC process to validate your IC and for Facial Recognition.
    2. Camera will be used to scan any QR Code to perform transactions.
    3. Gallery will be used in case you take a picture of a QR Code; you can still scan it via the app.
What should I do if I lost my mobile device?

Your personal account information will not be stored on the mobile device after your login session, so access to your account information remains secured even if you’ve lost your mobile phone. You can still access the MyPB App from another device as your login is based on your login credentials. This will then unbind your account from your lost mobile device and you can
continue freely on your new device.

Alternatively, you may deactivate your PBe User ID via our internet banking website or contact our friendly Customer Support team at 03-2170 8000 for assistance.

Can I use the MyPB App without updating it?

Unfortunately, no as we will be continuously enhancing MyPB App to safeguard your banking experience, thus, to avoid any interruption, please ensure the app is updated to the latest version for maximum protection.