Miscellanous Services

What can I do under the “Cheque Book Request” feature?

You can request new cheque books for your Current Account. You are able to order a maximum of 10 cheque books per request.

What can I do under the “Stop Cheque Request” feature?

You can request tostop a cheque presentation at a Public Bank branch.

What can I do under the “Cheque Status Inquiry” feature?
The cheque status presented to you is only valid for the last 60 days including the date of inquiry. For example:
  1. 10 January 2013-  You presented cheque at a Public Bank Branch
  2. 10 June 2013- You performed a cheque status inquiry through PBe. 
Your cheque status will be shown as "Not presented in the last 60 days".
What can I do under “Profile Maintenance”?
  1. Change Mailing Address (sent to your Account Holding Branch)
  2. Change Personal Details
  3. Change Password
  4. Manage Personal Login Phrase
  5. Unregister PAC
  6. Change Preferred branch (for collection of new FD certificates, Bankers Cheques and Demand Drafts)
  7. Change Daily Transfer Limit
  8. View / Delete Account
How often do I need to update my contact number?
Please update us with your latest contact details as soon as possible.
To modiify your personal details, first login your account. Click on "Profile Maintenance" followed by "Manage Profile".
Next, select "Change Personal Details".
What can I do under “Cheque Management” Feature?

You can request for new cheque books, stop a cheque and inquire on a cheque’s status.

What is eCommerce Purchase One-Time Password (OTP)?
eCommerce Purchase One-Time Password (OTP) allows you to perform secure payments to online merchants through PBe. Upon making an online purchase through PB Credit/Debit Card, you will receive a verification SMS containing the OTP. 
* Take Note: To receive the SMS, we require your principal and supplementary card’s mobile phone numbers. Kindly update us with your latest numbers as soon as possible
What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is a service designed to prevent cheque fraud by securing all of your cheque payments.

How does Positive Pay work?
Through PBe’s Positive Pay service, simply provide us with the following information:
  1. Payee account number
  2. Cheque number
  3. Payee name
  4. Date of cheque
  5. Amount
Public Bank will then cross-check the information above with the cheque you have drawn. Payment will only be made if all information is accurate. This helps to eliminate cheque fraud. 
How do I register for Positive Pay service?
To register, please follow the steps listed as follows:
  1. Login your PBe profile
  2. Click on "Account". Next, select "Cheque Management"
  3. Click on "Positive Pay". Choose "Register"
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions and click "Accept"
  5. Click "Confirm"
  6. You have successfully registered for Positive Pay service