Transaction Authentication : SecureSign Token (Physical Token)

What is a SecureSign Token?

A SecureSign Token is a physical password protected security device (hard token) that generates a dynamic, time-sensitive security code for transaction approval.

Who can apply for a SecureSign Token?

Existing and new-to-Bank users can apply for a SecureSign Token at the nearest Public Bank branch.

How much does a SecureSign Token cost?

You can apply for a SecureSign Token at your nearest Public Bank Branch for free.

When can I use a SecureSign Token?

On MyPB App, the SecureSign Token will be used for device binding and PB SecureSign activation only. However, you can still use SecureSign Token to approve transactions performed on PBe, MyPB or PB engage.

What precautions should I take to secure the token?

Please comply with the following to ensure the highest security:

  1. Set up a 6-digit PIN immediately upon receival of the token.
  2. Always keep the PIN secret and keep the SecureSign Token safe.
  3. Do not leave the token unattended or share it with anyone.
  4. Avoid weak PINs such as 123456, 282828, 444444, etc.
What if I have forgotten the PIN for the SecureSign Token?

You have a maximum of three (3) attempts to enter the correct PIN. Upon failure at the third attempt, the token will be locked and will display a 7-digit LOCK PIN each time you switch on the token. Please proceed to the nearest Public Bank Branch to unlock the token.

Who should I contact for assistance if my token is damaged or lost?

Please report it immediately to our Customer Service Team at 03-2170 8000 to have the token deactivated. You can get a replacement token at any branch.