What is PB Visa Direct

PB Visa Direct is a cross border fund transfer service which allows PBe users to transfer funds from their banking account to an overseas Visa Debit, Credit or Prepaid Cards via PBe internet banking.

What type of Public Bank account is allowed to perform PB Visa Direct transaction?

You can either choose your Savings or Current account (both Conventional and Islamic) to perform PB Visa Direct transaction. You can also choose your Credit Card account (both Visa and Mastercard) as the source of fund. However, please take note the transaction will be treated as Cash Advance service.

Who is eligible to perform PB Visa Direct?

All PBe users are eligible to use this service.

What is the availability of service for PB Visa Direct?

PB Visa Direct is available 24 hours x 7 days a week*
* except during PBe maintenance hours

What is the maximum transaction limit for PB Visa Direct?

The maximum transaction amount is capped at RM8,000.00 per day.

What is the minimum transaction amount allowed for PB Visa Direct?

The minimum transaction amount allowed to perform PB Visa Direct is RM300.00

How long does it take to credit the recipient’s Visa Card account after I have done the transfer?

The speed of crediting the recipient Visa Card account is determined by the recipient’s Visa Card issuer whether they are under Fast Fund or Non-Fast Fund category.

What is difference between Fast Fund and Non-Fast Fund?

Fast Fund category means that the transfer of funds is available almost real time (within 30 minutes) into recipient’s Visa Card account. Non-Fast Fund category means the funds will be made available into the recipient’s Visa Card account within 2 working days.

How will customer know which Visa Card issuer’s are Fast Fund or Non-Fast Fund?

When a customer inputs the recipient’s Visa Card number & recipient’s name and continues to the next screen, the screen will display whether the recipient’s Visa Card issuer is under the category of Fast Fund or Non-Fast Fund before the transaction is completed.

What is the service fee charged?

A flat fee of RM10 is charged for this service.

How can the recipient access to the funds received?

Kindly refer to the different types of Visa Cards:

  • Visa Debit Card: Funds will be transferred into the recipient’s banking account which is linked to their Visa Debit Card. Recipient can access to the funds received through their banking account or directly from their Visa Debit Card for cash withdrawal / bill payment/ retail purchases.
  • Visa Credit Card: Funds credited into Visa Credit Card may offset the Visa Credit Card’s outstanding balance with the card issuer. The recipient can directly use his / her credit available balance amount for bill payment or retail purchases. 
  • Visa Prepaid Card: Visa Prepaid Cardholder can directly use his / her credit available balance amount for bill payment or retail purchases. 
How do I know the exchange rate used for my PB Visa Direct transaction?

After you have entered the remitting amount and continue with your \ transaction, the next screen will display the exchange rate used before you complete the transaction.

Can I cancel a PB Visa Direct transaction?

Sorry, you are not allowed to cancel a transaction once it has been submitted. Hence, please ensure the details are correct before you proceed with the transaction.

What is the Purpose of Payment Code?

The Purpose of Payment Code (PoP) is used to classify and report the nature and purpose of transactions. This field is mandatory when sending original credit transactions and account funding transactions to Argentina, Bangladesh, Egypt and India.